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Hey ladies! Congrats to everyone :) I'm worrying myself alittle and came her to calm myself (hubby doesn't get it lol) I'm 5wks 1 day today and don't have morning sickness- why I'm nervous is during pervious two pregnancies   I was sooo unbelievable sick from the moment I found out until I was in labor lol. We've experienced a loss 6 months ago so that's why this time around I'm more paranoid than usual. I had my numbers checked Tuesday and Thursday this week and they my progesterone was 24 then went up to 27 and hcg was 141 and went up to 349 so I'm happy at least they are increasing but can't shake this worried feeling! The cramping certainly doesn't calm my nervous either.. thanks for letting me vent ladies! 

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  • I'm so sorry for your loss! Try to remember that every pregnancy is different and morning sickness usually doesn't start until 6 weeks. Maybe you will even luck out without ms this time.
  • I’m sorry you are worrried and I am sorry for your recent loss. I am worried as well I think that’s only par for the course when you expoerence a loss. I get waves of MS but nothing super serious.  My levels were 105, 168 and now 301 the rise is making me nervous more. Best wishes !!! 
  • Every pregnancy is different. With DS I didn't start feeling bad until around 8 weeks. I'm 5 weeks now and don't feel anything. 
  • Every pregnancy is different. With my son I was sick the entire time, and this pregnancy has been the complete opposite so far. Maybe you're gonna skip that completely!  <3 
  • Every pregnancy is different... I was sick as a dog with my first and it ended with a MMC at 8 weeks, and was only slightly nauseous when I ate dairy with my DD, so trust me when I say MS doesn't mean you are going to have a healthy pregnancy.  But I do understand your fears- the horrible nausea is a sign that everything is progressing normally and I have been thankful and anxious with the lack of constant nausea during each of my following pregnancies.  Join us on the PGAL weekly board- it helps to talk to others that are going through the same anxiety.
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