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HELP NEWBIE HERE TTC 1st!! wth is up withOPK tests

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Hey everyone! I am 36 and will be 37 next week! My boyfriend and I decided Oct is the month we are going to actively start trying for a little love! I'm very excited and nervous all at the same time.. nervous with the what ifs. What if we have a problem, what if it doesn't happen naturally, will our insurance cover it, etc et OK I'm getting way ahead of myself.
  I have been charting my BBT and doing OPK test(which btw I never seem to get a solid positive) and taking prenatal vitamins. I'm expecting AF next week sometime. I'm pretty sure I O around CD 18/19/20 but again never get a positive OPK test( I tend to drink a lot of water so I'm thinking that may be the problem??)  my cycle can range anywhere from 28-32. 
Does anyone else have an issue with their OPK tests? I use the one with the one line needs to be darker or the same as control line not sure exactly which brand. 

Re: HELP NEWBIE HERE TTC 1st!! wth is up withOPK tests

  • Hi!  Try the ones with the smiley face - Clearblue Advanced Digital.  You get your high fertility days with the blinking smiley and the your peak day with the solid smiley.  No guessing!  Good luck.  
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  • @ash1980 thank you! Ordered it this morning! 
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