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Parents of 3

My husband and I have been talking for over a year about adding one more to our family. We have a 7yo boy and almost 4 yo girl. I am turning 35 in less than a month and our children are growing older, so I feel we are getting to the now or never point. I have feelings that our family may not be complete, but am always thinking of the pros and cons of adding another sibling for our children.

My biggest worries are that with three kids....
- there will always be one that is feeling left out
- since we have one of each, there may be a special bond between the new child and our other child of the same sex (making the other child feel left out)
- when our children are grown, two of them may be super close, excluding the other
- not enough one-on-one time with each of my kids

Our son and daughter are super close, so I would hate to ruin that. So I am wondering, parents with three children and people with two adult siblings, are these legitimate worries or am I just completely overthinking this? Thank you for any input!

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