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Middle name for Julia or Juliet

Possible choices:

Nancy after my Mom (I am partial to this for meaning to the name.  My husband doesn't think it flows well)

Dolly my grandma's nickname

Elizabeth, my grandma's real name and Mom's middle name.  But, my niece's middle name is Elizabeth after my grandma

Jill, my name

Jane, a name we like and were considering for a first name

Other suggestions?

Re: Middle name for Julia or Juliet

  • Nancy is my favorite of all of those, both in flow and in name meaning.
  • Nancy or Elizabeth works for me. I wouldn't do the double "J". 
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  • I should add my grandma was never called Elizabeth.  She always went by Dolly as a child through adulthood.
  • I like Julia Nancy best
  • I'd go with Nancy, as it's most meaningful to you. The flow is fine. Also, in cases where you're honouring someone, IMO that trumps flow.
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  • I'd use Nancy and to me it flows better with Julia than Juliet.  I wouldn't worry much about flow in this case.
  • Julian elizabeth has the best flow IMO

    But as someone who based their daughter's name around using their moms name as a middle name, I would probably use Julia or Juliet Nancy regardless of best flow
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  • Elizabeth is the only one of your options that flows well with Julia or Juliet, IMO.
  • We are leaning toward Julia at this time.
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