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Miscarriage? I am 6 wk 5 days and baby's HR is only 90 with bleeding! Anyone else experienced this?

Hello All,

I am searching for some answers to help ease my nerves.  I am 35 about to turn 36.  This is my 2nd pregnancy.  My first ended in a miscarriage 2 years ago so I am quite nervous this time around.  Just give you a background.  I have history of PCOS (polycystic ovarian cyst syndrome) and Endometreosis.  The Doctors always told me that I would need help getting pregnant or not be able to conceive.  I have always had irregular periods.  They have never been normal.  One month it would be 39 days, the next would be 43, or 48 etc.....so the fact that I got pregnant after 4 month of trying is amazing!!!  I did a lot of research on vitamin and supplements and both my husband and I got on them religiously.  We ate right and exercised.  My dilemma is the Doctor's aren't sure what is going on because my US doesn't match my how many weeks I should be.  My Last Menstrual Cycle was July 23rd and it was very odd and short.  

We didn't hear or see a heartbeat on my previous Ultrasound a week ago which showed I was 5 weeks and 2 days, which I was told if I really am that early it's normal at times to not be able to see it.  So they scheduled a follow up Ultrasound in a week.  I then started spotting on Wednesday brown for 1 day and the next day Thursday had one episode of light brown/red bleeding, followed by the next day Friday with brown discharge.  All those days following up to Saturday I did have mild to moderate pain.  I had my follow up Ultrasound yesterday on Monday with no bleeding or pain and the results showed I should technically be 9 weeks based on my last menstrual cycle but my Ultrasound shows I am 6 weeks and 5 days today.  The doctor's aren't sure if my dates are just off and I ovulated later or this will end in a miscarriage.  So the good news is the baby grew a whole week and there is a heart beat now, but they are still concerned because my baby's heart beat was only 90, and I had some bleeding and spotting with pain last week.  They feel the heart beat is slow and my doctor would of liked it to have been at least over 100 for this age.  My Doctor is hopeful but she also wants me to be realistic that this could possibly end in a miscarriage.  We have scheduled another follow up Ultrasound for this coming Monday and my doctor said that by then we should really know if the baby will make it or not based on if the heart beat has improved.  I am so nervous because I started again today with light brown bleeding and bad cramps.  Anyone have anything similar happen to them and the pregnancy turn out ok?  What was everyone's heart beat at around 6-7 weeks?  Any advice or experience would help ease my worries!  Meanwhile I am taking it easy, praying and hoping it all turns out for the best!

Re: Miscarriage? I am 6 wk 5 days and baby's HR is only 90 with bleeding! Anyone else experienced this?

  • These are the worst situations because there is no answer. All you can do is wait and see, and remember that you are pregnant today, you are not in control of this and you have done nothing wrong. I felt guilt when I lost my son's twin and still do, be kind to yourself. 

    Also, my son's heart rate was 90 at his first ultrasound when I should have been 8 weeks, but he measured 6. He was the twin that made it and is a thriving toddler now. Fingers crossed for a sticky baby in there 
  • I would think based on your super irregular periods that you definitely ovulated late. I have long cycles and my dates are almost identical to yours. Should be 9w, measured 6w and change at my U/S. But I knew that would be the case. I don't ovulate based on their stupid little formula of a 28d cycle. 
    I can't say that everything will be fine. Not for you, not for myself. I hope you just have a slow starter and the little one continues to grow. It's such a mind game at this stage. I hope the best for you. 

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