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Elevated Liver Enzymes, but don't know why yet (previous pregnancy with pre-e and HELLP)

I am 32 weeks on my 2nd pregnancy.  With my 5 year old son my bp was up the whole pregnancy and kept rising, on more than one med for it at the end.  I was on bed rest, then developed pre-e and then HELLP and had a C-section at 35 weeks after a couple attempts at induction failed.  This pregnancy has gone much better so far.  I've gained less weight, my blood pressure has been good, etc.  I know my risks of pre-e are higher than another person's because I do have (very well managed) chronic hypertension and we had to use an egg donor this pregnancy, and I am overweight (but weigh less at the start of this pregnancy than the first one, and only gained 20 pounds).  Still that puts my odd of developing pre-e as lower than not developing it.  And if I were to develop it, it would likely be later and less severe. 

Then my liver enzymes started to rise.  There is no protein in my urine.  My bp is still good (gets up to 130s, but not higher and not rising rapidly).  I had a liver ultrasound and it was normal.  I also did a bunch of fasting labs and those did show my liver enzymes were up a little again. My doctor is now waiting on the rest of the labs.  I'm a bit anxious because we don't know yet what is going on.  I did get my steroid shots in case it comes to that, but we were all thinking I would make it to at least 37 weeks not even a week ago!  I am still hoping this is mostly nothing. 

Anyone else have something like this?  How did it progress? 

Re: Elevated Liver Enzymes, but don't know why yet (previous pregnancy with pre-e and HELLP)

  • And it is cholestasis of pregnancy!  Which I had no risk factors for.  I see my doctor on Friday and will find out treatment plan, get my numbers, etc.  I will deliver at 36-37 weeks.  This disorder can come with an increased risk of sudden uterine death, which of course has me freaked out.  And I'm not even itchy (the biggest symptom). 
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    @kyethra, that's no fun.  I've had cholestasis with my last two pregnancies and the itchiness was unbearable.  I think that since you're not having the itching, your baby has less risk.  If it makes you feel any better, both my kiddos from cholestasis pregnancies are fine--Zach was born at 37 weeks (induction) and George at 35 weeks (induction and 1 week in NICU)
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    I’m 24 weeks just diagnosed with choleostasis as well!  (Itchy and ruq pain) I am in limbo right now. Labs back and nurse confirmed. Waiting on the appt with physician next!  So nerve wracking!  How did everything turn out for you? 
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