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Weird Things

So my daughter has an odd obsession with feet. She likes to smell them, touch them and will try to kiss them (Gross. I know.) I tell her no, eww, yucky but it has yet to work. And god forbid if you're wearing socks or slippers. She'll throw a fit to see your feet! Anyone else's LO have any strange things they're into? Or is it just mine lol 

Re: Weird Things

  • That's pretty silly. My LO goes through phases with being interested in weird/random things. Right now she is fascinated with poop. Most of her pretend play right now involves poop lol.  Hopefully this just means she's getting ready to potty train though. 
    My recommendation is to just go with it for now... The more you say "no", the more these kiddos want to do it. Or if you really need to say "no", just word it in a different way such as "feet are not for kissing, you can kiss your teddy bear instead". 
  • Thanks @fishee333 I'll give that a try. Fingers crossed that she's not on that "my strange addiction" show in the future  ;) 
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  • My daughter absolutely throws a fit if I try to cross my legs when I sit on the floor. I can either be pretzel-leg (criss-cross applesauce) or just crossed at the ankle, and she will stop what she is doing, come over and untwist my legs. 
  • Mine insists on pulling up my shirt so he can see (and poke) my belly button.  He gets very upset if he can't get to it.
  • @nackie I feel your pain! Birdie's new thing is to point out my bra to everyone. While I'm wearing it.
  • Mine is obsessed with all buckles.  She's constantly pinching her fingers.
  • @nackie mine too. Brynlee will throw a fit if I don't let her lift my shirt to look at my belly button... Not my favorite game. 

    Right now Brynlee obsesses over things her brother gets as rewards for potty training (tattoos, mini oreos, and stickers for his chart*) She throws a pretty impressive screaming fit when she doesn't get them. Mind you, she has a potty and will tell me "go pee pee, get sticker!" She just flat out refuses to sit on it now. 

    *his rewards have dropped after a week. He only gets a reward if he asks for it after going potty. Boy doesn't need 30 oreos a day, let alone 30 tattoos lol
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