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Y'all, I got myself a minivan! We were going to get one anyway with a new baby coming, but the flood accelerated that process. I love it! It lets the world know that I'm a mom, and I love it! <3

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  • Yay congrats! I've got a Subaru, which is basically the "mom" car where I live :)
  • Congrats! I'm counting down the days when I can trade in my big-ass Dodge Ram for a sensible "mom" vehicle.
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  • @krrpe99 We have been doing the research on minivans lately too. What did you get??
  • @mamadcb The Honda, Toyota, and Chrystler are pretty much the best out there. We went with the Sienna, because we were able to get the best deal.  My main requirement was complete keyless entry. Mama doesn't have time to be looking for keys in her purse!
  • Or the hand to hold them! We've been looking primarily at the Honda but I'd like to check them out in person. That's not easy with a toddler and a baby though! You were smart to do this before #2's arrival :)
  • I keep telling myself I'll never cave. I'll never get a mom-van... but, two toddlers and a 10 year old in a Chevy Silverado is getting a bit ridiculous. Sigh. I'm getting closer to caving... lol
  • Do it! They're so awesome and easy! And just think, it's not forever. It's just a phase of life. 
  • OMG! I was the biggest hater on minivans! Then I decided I needed a vehicle that made sense in all ways. I LOVE MY VAN AND YOU WILL HAVE TO KILL ME TO GET RID OF IT! lol I also have a Sienna. It's an 04 so nothing new by any means but it is amazing. I have 2 under 2 and a 9 year old in sports. We looked for months and it was between the Sienna and the Odyssey. I might add that insurance and registration is so much cheaper and it's great! 
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