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Mommas with travel experience

Hi Ladies.  DH and I are planning a trip to Scotland in a few months since we have a new air carrier in our area and they have fantastic deals.  We are going back and forth on taking DD or leaving her with our parents.  Neither of us wants to leave her, but logically we're worried about the flights, time difference, and her limiting things we can do/when bc of nap.  It would be so nice to have that couple alone time but the thought of leaving her kills me!  Let me know your travel experiences with your LO's and if you would do it again or regret taking them!   

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  • I definitely recommend doing a trip without DD. Enjoy Scotland just you two! We took DD to Spain last year and it was very difficult...I wouldn't do it again. The flight there is a pain, lots of crying (for all of us haha) and she never adjusted to the time change so she was wide awake at 2AM Spain time for the 2 weeks we we're there. We didn't get to do and enjoy all the things we would have. Naps actually worked out because we just walked lots of places with her in the stroller and that's how she took her naps. Anyway, my advice is to take your LO when she's older and everyone can enjoy it better :) 

  • I think your child would travel just fine--the sound of the plane is very soothing and they mostly just sleep. That being said, I would recommend doing the trip without because of the limitations that naptime/bedtime will put on you. If you try to cater to those times, you'll be incredibly restricted--you won't be able to go on all-day excursions or anything really moderately physical. If you try to push through without---well, you know the answer to that one. Meltdown time. Also consider what it would be like to actually have grown-up time and eat at grown-up restaurants after (gasp!) 6 p.m.!! She's not going to remember anything about the trip (also my argument as to why people should wait to do Disney, too,) so why not let her get in some bonding time with Grandma and you get in some bonding time with your husband? You will miss her. Absolutely. But it's for your best interest and hers to let her stay home this time.
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  • Thank you ladies!  I think we decided its definitely best for her to stay home.
  • Agree with above. We went to Seattle without LO and while we missed him, we definitely thought it was the right call. The couple time was great (fancy dinners, no picking up thrown food off the floor, woohoo!), and we were really able to make the most of our time there. I also considered that it would really be more disruptive to LO to be shuffled around to so many places if he were to come with us (he hates being strapped in and does not nap well out and about anymore), so overall it was better for him to stay on routine. Have fun!!! 
  • Just seeing this and was about to chime in but see you've already made a decision.  Enjoy your trip and the couple time !!
  • The time change going East is much worse than going West. It is brutal and takes a week for them to adjust. 
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