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WTO/TWW week of 9/25

Feel free to add to this post throughout the week if your symptoms change or if you have any questions. 

If you are a contributing member with a BFP this week, please share your success with us here!

Month/Cycle: 2/2

CD/DPO: 30/14


TWW - Timing: 

TWW - Testing:  I think I'm out.  Tested yesterday with FMU, BFN.  It's a real kick in the pants since DH talked me into testing Friday night and we got a weird half of a faint positive line.  I feel like AF is imminent.  

R/R: We're thinking about giving temping a try to know for sure where in my cycle I'm Oing.  I'm afraid it will make me (more)obsessive.  

GTKY: What songs have you completely memorized? Shoop by Salt-n-Pepa 


Re: WTO/TWW week of 9/25

  • Wow we've been super slacking on this topic!

    Saturday? Waiting for AF? TBD.
    GTKY: lmao. A bunch. Ice Ice Baby!

  • @JennyColada FX for testing this weekend!

    @kfrob You're not out until AF shows...I'll keep my hopes up for you. You could try temping for one month and see how you feel about it, especially if you're having trouble finding your O date with other methods. I don't because I'm such a poop sleeper it doesn't work for me.

    Month/Cycle: 4/4

    CD/DPO: CD6


    TWW - Timing: 

    TWW - Testing:  I wanted to test this morning like an insane person. I was able to stop myself. Seriously I just had my period and I'm not one of those women on I Didn't Know I was Pregnant who somehow gets their period and is still KU.


    GTKY: What songs have you completely memorized? Pretty much all the Disney songs at this point. Anyone want a rendition of Part of Your World or When Will My Life Begin?

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  • KFrobKFrob member
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    Thanks! @lifesabeach85  I've decided that I just shouldn't have tests on hand.  And DH is worse than me...  I think we're going to try OPKs before we jump into temping.  

    @JennyColada a second set of FX for you!  

    edit corrected word
  • Month/Cycle: 1/0

    CD/DPO: ?

    WTO - WAYDTGKU: Sex and I pee on things occasionally 

    R/R: Actually had sex last night. I'm starting to think we need to put it on the calendar.

    GTKY: What songs have you completely memorized? So many, but probably most impressive is "The Saga Begins." the Weird Al "The Day the Music Died" parody since that's pretty long.
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  • @lalala2004 Whoooo you did it! Honestly, I think sex is one of those things many of us are glad we did once it's happening but don't so often look forward to at this stage of life. Scheduling it just to force the issue and get it going makes all the sense in the world. Hope you're continuing to feel good in the NTNP headspace!

    @KFrob My fingers stay crossed until you report AF :) I like @lifesabeach85's suggestion to try temping for a month and then re-evaluate. It's been a really frustrating piece of the puzzle for me, but when it works I think it adds so much clarity for folks. Like most things in this process, it is crazy-making at the start but after a few weeks just becomes part of your routine. OPKs are a good idea too, though! My OB-Gyn actually recommends people stick with OPKs alone if they work for them.

    @JennyColada Even with all the travel, you hit a -1 ?! Hope good news is around the corner.

    @lifesabeach85 Hahaha I'm on CD5 and right there with you. (I wish I'd never told DH about the concept of spotting, as he now refuses to believe a period is a period.) Thank you for making me feel less alone in my crazy. Stay strong, and we'll best AF eventually.

    Month/Cycle: 2/2

    CD/DPO: CD5

    WTO - WAYDTGKU: temping, CM, OPKs, PNVs

    R/R: More a random than a rave, but we're switching up the 'protocol' a bit this month and I'm feeling hopeful. Instead of temping when I wake up, I've been setting an alarm for 3:30 a.m., getting it done, and going back to bed. It sounds crazy, but so far I've been getting more stable temperatures, falling back asleep quickly and it actually seems to disturb DH less because he's in a deeper sleep when all the rustling and beeping happens. We're also trying the cheapie OPKs as an alternative to CBAD so I can test twice a day, and going to try EOD when the time comes.

    GTKY: What songs have you completely memorized? Almost none...correctly, at least. (I am the worst at correctly identifying lyrics; even jingles I get wrong.) But I do know every song from Sound of Music and the theme song to the Brady Bunch.  :/ Really cool kid right here.

  • @KFrob Like everyone else has said, you're not out until AF shows her face, so hopefully she'll stay far, far away! I temp just to get a handle on my cycle right now, since we're not starting just yet. Hopefully it won't make you obsessive if you decide to give that a shot! I usually end up with a rocky chart, but it gives me a decent idea.

    @JennyColada Good luck! :D

    @lifesabeach85 If it makes you feel any better, I'm on CD8 and was sick this morning and DH was like "'re not pregnant yet, right?" I also know a LOT of Disney songs (surprise, surprise). Let's have a duet!

    @lalala2004 I have to admit, your wording of "peeing on things occasionally" made me laugh to the point that I showed it to my husband. I absolutely love The Saga Begins! We played a Weird Al song at our wedding, and actually met him last December at a convention. He's so nice!

    @emiliadkay I tried the cheapie OPKs and they just did not work for me. The CBAD worked pretty well, but my god are they so expensive. Nothing wrong with only knowing a couple of songs by heart! :D

    GTKY: What songs have you completely memorized? A LOT. Like, a lot a lot a lot. I love music and have loved it for just about my whole life, so I know a lot of songs by heart. When I'm driving, I tend to be singing along. My DH says that I have a great singing voice, but it's definitely not a soprano voice, lol.
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    Diminished ovarian reserve
    BFP: 4/14/2020 EDD: 12/20/2020
  • @dreamscapes_ I'm so jealous you met Weird Al! Wikipedia once told me he occasionally leads singing at Hollywood church of Christ and someday I want to go to see if he is there. (I was raised in a church of Christ church).
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  • @lalala2004 He was seriously so nice! My husband was absolutely thrilled about getting to meet him, and was actually very star struck and SHAKING in the line before we got up to him. He's missed him in concert six or seven times, so the first time he saw him, he was shaking his hand. I'll PM you the pic if you want :) I know he did convert to Christianity, but I don't know anything about the choir thing. Wouldn't surprise me, though.
    Me: 36 | DH: 35 | Married: 9.17.16
    Diminished ovarian reserve
    BFP: 4/14/2020 EDD: 12/20/2020
  • KFrobKFrob member
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    @emiliadkay  Yay for figuring out something that works for your for temping!  

    So idk whats up with me.  I tested again on Tuesday, negative, AF was supposed to show up yesterday and hasn't.  I'm starting to think I did O 4 days later than expected during my EWCM confusion.  

    Edit to add its time to try OPKs!  
  • @lalala2004 nothing wrong with scheduling sex! 

    @emiliadkay good call on the cheap opks. CBAD works perfectly for me like 90% of the time but sometimes it gets messed up (usually giving me high and peak waaaaay to early) and Wondfos act as a backup. Temping in the MOTN makes sense to me, if I get up at 5 I'm sunk. Cue me thinking about everything! 

    @KFrob that's so frustrating! Hopefully you o later than you thought but still caught the egg and will get the BFP in a few days. Otherwise yes I would recommend at least one cycle of OPKs. The first time I used them I realized I O about two days later than I thought. 

  • @lifesabeach85 I ordered the Wondfos today!  We were still HIO to cover our bases so FX!  
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