1st Trimester

Tummy cramps during the first trimester

Im currently 9 weeks along  (excited) but ive been experiencing cramps in my belly  its almost feels like peroid cramps just not as bad. When i ask other people they say its completely normal as there is a little human growing in your belly but no one else seems to have experienced it. We haven't had our 1st scan yet they do that at 12 wks but i just want to confirm the little one is all okay......

Re: Tummy cramps during the first trimester

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    Try reading a pregnancy book such as What to Expect When You Are Expecting or one of the other thousands of pregnancy books out there. Google is also an excellent resource, though the best resource for such concerns is your doctor. 
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    I've had the same thing, you're not alone!! I'm only five weeks today, but the book What to Expect When You're Expecting eased my fears about this. The book said it's the increased blood flow to your uterus and it could also be implantation cramps or your uterus expanding and it's normal. ❤️
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