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Is anyone else overdue?? I’m 40+6, and will be induced next Tuesday (+10) if I don’t go into labour on my own. I’m so done- it’s like a million degrees outside and I’m so swollen and huge. I fit in exactly 2 dresses which my toddler inevitably gets dirty as soon as I put them on. Everyone I know (and don’t know) is asking me when baby is coming. It’s agony. I’ve tried EVERYTHING.

Anyone else going through the same thing??

Re: Overdue?

  • I am due tomorrow (24th) although no signs of baby coming! I went 10 days over with my last pregnancy so i am expecting the same.. I just remember how horrible it was, and oh people get so annoying!!
  • I went into labor at 41+1, delivered at 41+2, but went into pregnancy expecting to go to 42 weeks. It's definitely hard at the end but obviously worth it. 

    Do you know if baby is in the right/best position as that can make a big difference? And I'd suggest continuing to find any and all activities that you enjoy and relax you as much as possible. FX baby comes soon for you. 
  • I was 41+3 with my first. I feel for you! You won't be pregnant forever even though it feels that way right now. My advice is stay hydrated and don't over do it during these last few days. 
  • I went into labour at 40+5 and I was so over it so I definitely feel for you. I know people meant well but the daily check ins from friends did my head in as well! Hopefully it will all be over for you soon
  • Thanks for the support guys!! Baby is head down and ready to go, and there’s nothing to indicate that position would be an issue. DH is finally getting the message that he should be managing his annoying relatives, and mine are being pretty chill since I told them when I’m being induced. DS was born at 41+5, but somehow in March it didn’t seem as painful (no heat, no swelling). It’s supposed to be over 100 degrees with the humidity until Tuesday- I’m trying to rest and stay hydrated, but long walks are out of the question!!
  • @kmac1982, best wishes for a smooth induction.
  • I'm 40+6 and still waiting too! First baby so I've heard they usually go late. I've tried everything feeling so fed up and moody now! 
  • I am also overdue 40+4 today with no induction scheduled.  I have an appointment tomorrow for a NST and Ultrasound, then we will discuss possibly scheduling an induction.  :/  It's so HOT and humid here and I'm still working, at least from home but I cant take it much longer.  I feel like I am never going to give birth.  I have literally had no signs that baby is on the way. UGH!
  • Today is my due date, and the nugget has expressed no interest in joining the outside world, so I'm pretty sure I'll be joining the overdue club, too. I do have an OB appt today, though, so I'll find out if there's been any progress from last week. 
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