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FFFC 09/22

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Re: FFFC 09/22

  • @kyrwyn words can not express how jealous I am of your ability to do that. Very nice.
  • Ok, so my Dad is like my favorite person, and my sister is probably my least favorite. My dad knows what a shit show she is, but forgives her all the time, and puts her fires out. I mean common, she's 34, when does she have to take responsibly for herself? I guess this is more of a vent, but I really wish my dad would grow a pair and make her deal with her shit. 
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    @darkfrye It is the occasional upside of how very many weekends, long nights, unreasonable mornings and 21+ day straight stretches at work I've put in for the startup I work for.  We're all like family, and make things work out for each other whenever we can.  They have been awesomely supportive of our pregnancy, partly because everyone knows how long it took us to get here.
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  • @kyrwyn A good start up can be very very good. Glad you found a winner.
  • @MJDsquared My husband isn't into football, but he's been wanting to get our DD on skates since she could walk. She went once and hated it. I'm sure this little boy will be in full pads doing mini mite hockey, no tackling but checking starts in early teens.  :|

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  • @Kirss Hockey isn't as much of a thing here so I never even thought about that, but at least there isn't a bunch of CTE scariness surrounding hockey (right? at least I haven't heard anything). And these kids had to have been like 8! I'm sure any mom would have anxiety about their kid playing any sort of contact sport though (or even non-contact sports at times, lol). And maybe it won't be his thing?
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  • I can't stand youth league football and cheer.  It's a dangerous mess of parent volunteers that have no idea what they are doing.

    In other news, I bought a Minnie Mouse LLR Irma today for our upcoming Disney trip.  I'm totally judging myself for it already
  • @Txmomma16 - Did you happen to go to BU?  It's where I went, so I get a little bit excited when I see it in the news (even though CTE is sad/scary that we're just learning about it).  

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  • I'm with you @txmomma16 . we live in Mississippi, where football is also big (but in our area, so is soccer for kids) and We're football fans, but I don't think I could ever let my kids play it. Even soccer makes me a little nervous--I'd want to be sure they weren't doing headers

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  • I guess my UO is I'm all for youth football. While there is tackling, kids aren't able to get super rough, so they learn to play without having to worry about being tackled by a 300 lb teenager like they do in high School (DH always had to move up age brackets because he was too big to play against kids his own age lol). There are millions of other ways that kids are going to get hurt, so why not let them learn about teamwork and how to listen to a coach? I had wayyyyy more injuries as a kid/teen than DH, and he played all kinds of full contact sports starting about 7 years old.
  • I'm with @Skcobb we are big time football family. DH played all growing up and even adult league. I anticipate this little guy starting early on with playing with Dad and then onto pewie. I am 100% against pushing him if he doesn't enjoy it though. Although injuries of course can still happen at that age, it's still not compared to college, pro, and some high school. But LO can still get hurt in gym class or playing with friends on recess. I'm not minimizing the seriousness of CTE though. It still is very serious, but I'm glad we are learning more about it now and I think they are making many strides to prevent and detect it. 

  • DH and I are watching Gremlins for the first time and I'm not a fan. (I assume this is a FFFC/UO because I think it's considered a classic, or at least a cult classic.)
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    @MJDsquared I'm right there with you.  I absolutely love football and when I was younger would say that i wanted my son to play - now that I actually have a son and one on the way, my answer is a hard no and it's hard to say no to DS1. He's 4 and he says he wants to play football all the time and I just keeping telling him, I'll give into a lot of things, but football isn't one of them. It's scary when the professional players come out and say they won't let their kids play. 

    ETA:  I loved Gremlins but I grew up watching it. I think it would have been different had i watched it for the first time as an adult then if I did as an adolescent 
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  • @txmomma16 and I completely understand where you and other moms are coming from as well. It is a very serious topic, and can be pretty controversial to some! I respect and understand anyone's opinion who are against LO playing sports, especially football. 

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