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Lovenox affecting baby?

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Hello Everyone!

Ive been on several boards over the last year, 35 and over TTC, TTCAL and now I find myself here.

I had 2 chemical pregnancies (4 days after missed period) this year and was able to get and stay pregnant last month.  Already had 2 ultrasounds and saw the heartbeat earlier this week (I'm at 7 weeks).  I started progesterone supplements per my doctor this week as my level is at 19 (was 24 last week).  My ANA tests came back positive with 4 abnormal results.  My doc referred me to a high risk doc and he is thinking I should go on lovenox.  He doesn't think I need to retest.

I am terrified that lovenox may affect the baby.  I have been very healthy, no issues with any obvious symptoms like swelling, rashes or painful joints with auto immune disorders.  But, if my tests came back abnormal, I guess I should try meds?  Get a second opinion and test again maybe?

So far, everything has bee smooth, just mild cramping occasionally, but, no pain and no spotting.

I would love any feedback if you chose to not use lovenox or if you did, how is it going and are you nervous about side effects too?

Thank you so much for any advice!
Wishing you all the best in your journeys as well :)

Re: Lovenox affecting baby?

  • I used lovenox for my son's pregnancy and will start with this pregnancy in 4 weeks. It's a very safe medication to use, although it sucks to give yourself shots. I would not risk a placenta clot that could cause a still birth or a pulmonary embolism to you. I was perfectly healthy when I had my first DVT but my blood have clothing problems that went undetected for 27 years.  
  • I know this is an older message, but I did shots lovenox (and heparin near the end) and my daughter came out fine! I have a blood clotting disorder and lost a family member due to pregnancy complications, so it was very necessary for me to take them. I hope you were able to make a decision you're happy with and that your pregnancy is coming along nicely! 
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  • I am beginning the shots today and am terrified. Did you have a lot of bruising from the shots? I am only concerned because my mother had a pulmonary embolism and was instructed to do the shots and she ended up with internal bleeding which then lead to all sorts of problems and I lost her recently. I have to genetic mutations that can cause blood clots which is why I have to do it. 
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