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Re: UO Thursday 9/21

  • Haha Same @MJDsquared. I think it's bizarre that people wear full butt underwear out of the house. I only wear that to sleep in!
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  • @breezybee Agree on that term! Also, I don't know if anyone remembers this, but the 'modern day' version of that term a while ago was like, "Throw your hair in a messy bun, put on some gangsta rap and handle it!" and it was meme'd super hard everywhere and people thought it was hilarious and it makes me cringe so hard. Lol.

    @elcd458 I LOVE thunderstorms! I used to love when the power would go out but now being an adult I have anxiety about food spoiling haha. But if the power doesn't go out for too long, I'm super into it!
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  • @breezybee haha I am definitely a full-coverage underwear gal, but I often don't wear ANY undies to sleep in. 

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  • Oh I'm team thongs all the time. Although lately I've had a couple days where they have bugged my bum, so I've been trying to rotate. Although the likely reason is I need to buy then in a large size... 

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  • I thought of another one thanks to a ScaryMommy post I just saw on FB.  

    My more controversial UO today is that I have recently discovered I have an objection/aversion to public BFing if you are doing it somewhere that's supposed to be quiet and you have a baby that's a loud AF eater.  TBH, I really don't care if people BF out in the open even though I wouldn't do it, and I'd say the majority of the time I never even notice when it's happening around me.  But twice lately I've been with someone somewhere suuuuper quiet (in a class) while feeding and their child loudly and violently gulped/choked/gasped for air about every 2 seconds and I had about 100 heart attacks thinking I needed to start CPR on the kiddo. Mom was unphased but I can't help but think that can't be normal?!!! 

    FYI the ScaryMommy post was about a bride who enclosed a note in her wedding invitations that breastfeeding guests should excuse themselves to the ladies' room.  That's tacky as hell as a general rule (why not just say no kids invited?), but I couldn't help but think that if that gaspy gulpy baby-chokes-a-lot was making all that ruckus during my wedding vows, I'd be pissed.  
  • peachy13 said:
    On the topic of undies, I hate wearing them to bed. I think everything should breathe at night. DH wears underwear and socks to bed which I find insane.
    I sleep nude so I'm with ya on the no undies in bed. 
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  • @txmomma16  I totally understand! At my laparoscopy last year they ended up removing a corpus luteum cyst because I must've ovulated right before surgery, and didn't get ANY of the thing they were after (which is apparently encapsulated inside my ovary and therefore why they didn't see it even though it's very clear on the ultrasound).  So I'll probably be -1 ovary too eventually.  I mean, I know I can probably have a vaginal delivery and then go for a second laparoscopy a few months later, but that just sounds crappy.  Especially since a CS won't require general anesthesia which I apparently react poorly to (I like to fight nurses and pull my IV out and bleed on everyone, allegedly).  Meh.
  • @txmomma16 I am so sorry people are "mom shaming" you already. With my twins I was hoping for an unmedicated birth but due to positioning and size we had a scheduled C-section. It was still a glorious moment/experience. It really does come down to wanting a healthy mom and baby.  I'm sorry your mass is returning. you are such a trooper. 

    as for the underwear debate I wear both, though at this point more coverage is a bit more comfortable. I also used to sleep in the buff but when pregnant with the twins the boobs got so large they needed support at night too, so now its a nursing top and underwear. 
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  • @failuretofly I read another article saying she basically got a death sentence diagnosis and a few days later found out she was pregnant. I had the same immediate thought you had until I read that part. Who knows what the circumstances really were. But it's sad either way. 
  • @failuretofly I had the same reaction when I saw the article. If she was for sure going to die no matter what like @casace said I can see why she'd make the choice she did, but since chemo was an option I just assumed there was a chance of survival.
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  • @MJDsquared it says experimental chemo meaning she was probably given an option of okay you're going to die in 6 months but we can try this but it's still experimental so we have no idea if it's just going to make you completely miserable the last few months you have instead of enjoying it with your family. Its crappyx Just wish all news stations reported the same accurate facts. Like the article I read made it sound like she had no hope as opposed to this one made it into a decision based on religious beliefs, not what doctors told her. 
  • @mandayno 100% agree on death with dignity. One of my brother's best friends from college was really good friends with Brittany Maynard and it was super emotional when she posted pictures from her wedding and stuff. Reading the comment sections on articles about her was awful. People can be really hateful and judgmental.
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  • @MJDsquared I am sorry for this friend's loss. Of course I in no form knew her, but I can't imagine the emotions that all of her friends and family went through. She seemed like a really amazing, strong woman! On a bright side, I do think that her death brought a lot of light and attention to the subject. I was very proud of her for strength through all of it! 

  • @Mandayno oh man. Don't even get me started. I am totally with you! I've seen the aftermath of some people have been denied this option and trying to figure out ways to accomplish it on their own. It can be SO SO sad. 
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  • @Mandayno i am 100% with you on the panty choice, epidural and on the mom! 
  • @mandayno I am totally with you on Death with Dignity. It is definitely a UO where I live in TX, but the Brittany Maynard story definitely opened up the discussion for people that had previously been adamant that they were completely against it. Her strength in her final months with sharing her story was incredible. 
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  • @failuretofly, the cancer she was diagnosed with is terminal (like within months, not years). The chemo was more about potentially extending her life, not saving it. They're also a very religious family which played a role in their decision. I think this is one of those decisions you probably couldn't understand unless you were going through it. I only have one child, but had I been diagnosed with something while pregnant with this one, I don't know if I could have terminated just on the grounds that I might get a few extra months with her. 
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  • @ameliabedelia-2 ya I read a different story about her this morning, and I didn't realize she had glioblastoma which is basically fatal in all cases, i dont think anyone survives it. And it looks like they attempted surgery multiple times. Just goes to show that the media will manipulate any story to make it sound as dramatic and controversial as possible. 
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  • +1 for death with dignity. 

    My my older cousin battled breast cancer last year and it matastasized into an extremely rare form of cancer that attacked her nerve endings, essentially causing her to be paralyzed and unable to speak or communicate. Keep in mind this woman had a fully functioning, and HIGHLY intelligent brain. (She served as a member of the Cherokee Tribal Council for 8 years previous to this diagnosis. it would be equivalent to senators for the Cherokee tribe.) So basically she was in immeasurable amounts of pain, completely helpless, and literally laying in a decaying state all while having a fully functioning mind just waiting to die. If she soiled herself, she knew, and had to wait to have someone notice to change her. I can't imagine what that would be like. And you cannot say what you would do in that situation until you have lived it or saw it with your own eyes, because I guarantee no one would want their family member to live like that. 
  • @maddilatti I am so sorry about your cousin! It's unimagined what she went through!!! It's stories like that why I am a true believer in death with dignity. When someone can completely understand that their body is failing them, but of good sounds judgement to make that choice for themselves. My heart just goes out to all of them and their families!! 

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