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Pregnant after stopping pill

Two years ago my husband and I had a loss of our son at 7 months pregnant. We have talked about pregnant again recently but it's all up in the air. However we aren't preventing it. I was just curious if anyone has gotten pregnant or if it is possible to ovulate a couple weeks after getting off the pill? I've been getting baby fever lately like crazy and am having hopes of being pregnant. 


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    Lurking as a ttcal grad, was on the ttcal board until Aug. 
    I went on the pill after my miscarriage in November,  didn't start until December when hcg was 0.  I went off at the end of June and pretty sure i didn't ovulate the first month but conceived after I had 1st period off b.c.  I wasn't having regular periods on b.c. so my body needed a month to sort itself out. 
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