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TTCA35 Weekly check-in: 9/18/17


Re: TTCA35 Weekly check-in: 9/18/17

  • @harleyquinn0621- with DD I was puking 2 weeks before  I got a BFP.  With the loss my boobs were sore and swollen shortly before AF were to be here.  I got nothing!  But thanks for your FX.
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  • I asked this question on the infertility board but nobody really knew so maybe someone here would know or had something similar happen. I got Af Sunday but full flow started Monday and I called my Re aand I went in wed for baseline. Nurse called back and said my progestrone was still elevated at 4.5 and the Dr wants to see me back Monday for repeat bw and us. 5 days brings us to cycle day 8 I normally am finished the femera by then and ready for gonal. I called the nurse back just to double check and she said that is what he wants. I know I just have to trust my Dr but what would cause my progestrone to still be that high in day 3 I've had it where it was a little high and he saw me back 3 days later.
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  • So pending bloodwork my Dr is going cancel ylthis cycle due to some cysts. I was taking next cycle off anyway. Still going to try naturally.
  • Sorry for cancelled cycle @Labluver2 GL on natural route

    Feeling crampy and more spotty today so AF will probably come later.
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