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Help! I have been on Lamisil oral tablets and just got a bfp!

My primary doc put me on lamisil for a fungal infection. My doc told me not to get pregnant while on it and although I have been ttc #2 for over 7 years with no luck after 5 weeks on this med I got a bfp. Will my ob make me terminate the pregnancy? Anyone ever been on lamisil and had a healthy baby?

Re: Help! I have been on Lamisil oral tablets and just got a bfp!

  • First off, no one can "make" you get an abortion. Assuming you live in the U.S, that is, or any other developed country. 

    Second, I don't mean to be snarky, but did you even try googling this? I googled "lamisil drug class" and got all sorts of results saying it's a class B drug, the second safest. Here's a link for an explainer on drug classes.

    I also found multiple results saying while yea, it's recommended not to get pregnant while taking it, it also isn't a huge deal if you do (hence the Class B classification). 

  • It's a little early for that medicine to really affect the baby since there is not really a placenta. Talk to your doctor since I'm not a medical professional for extra reassurance.
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  • There's a chance someone here has experience with this drug and pregnancy, but even then it doesn't mean yours will be the same. Do some research online to get some extra info, but this can really only be answered by your doctor. If you have any concerns about the pregnancy/baby/your health your doc should absolutely be your first call, since we unfortunately can't provide any medical advice or tell you whether something is ok (or not). Best of luck and congrats on your BFP!!
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  • Congratulations! That is so nerve Wracking. I hope everything is fine. I was on some medications that are bad for pregnancy in the beginning, I had to stop everything at 5wks, and thankfully baby has been fine. I would try not to worry, and wait to see how things progress. Good luck 

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