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I'm curious if there are any other stay-at-home moms that feel guilty about being able to be home all day with their little(s) while their SO (significant other) is off busting his butt each and every day.

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    I realize this is old but I don’t really feel guilty. I think I’m super lucky and as a SAHM I have the best job in the world but it’s not just DH that busts his butt, I do too. I’ve asked if he wishes our roles were reversed and he said he doesn’t. I just try to make family time the highest priority while he’s around. 
    Me: 33 | DH: 34
    Married: October, 19, 2015
    EDD 2/22/17 <3 DS1 born on 3/2/17
    EDD 3/8/20 <3 DS2 born on 3/10/20
    EDD 11/24/23
    (Formerly Marriedhamstermom Feb ‘17)

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    Never ever ever feel that you aren't working hard also just bc you aren't on a payroll. Being a stay at home mom is nothing easy, if you're like me you clean everything, laundry dishes take out the trash vacuum sweep make the bed etc everyday + everything that involves your baby. Being a mom is harder then any job I've ever been at!!! 
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