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what did your toddler say about the new baby?

Hey Bumpies, 

We know kids say the darndest things—especially when it comes to a baby sibling!

Can you recall something funny your toddler said about his or her new sib? Maybe your first-born thought baby was there only for a visit. Or maybe he or she had some strong opinions about the way baby cries, eats or sleeps.

Whatever was said, if it gave you a chuckle, please share it with us! We might even use it in a future article. Thank you!

Re: what did your toddler say about the new baby?

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    My friend and her 3yr old were living with me temporarily when my son was born. 

    On multiple occasions he would look longingly at my boobs and say to his Mom "Wouldn't it be fun if XXXX and I could share milk?". His Mom would explain that milk is for babies not growing boys.

    One time when he was getting grabby and making me feel uncomfortable I gave a firm "no", and he ran from the room. Before exiting the room he turned around, hands on hips shouting "Sharing is caring! You don't share!" and stomped off to tell his Mom.

    At the time I actually found this quite distressing as I wanted to breastfeed in peace, I didn't want to hurt his feelings and the whole scenerio made me feel uncomfortable...
  • For the first three months of second son’s life my oldest son called him “that thing” he finally transitioned into “baby” then “G” then “GK” (short for Gage Kellogg) then finally Gage. 
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