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donor egg cycle cancelled!

So we just attempted a fresh DE cycle with an anonymous but proven donor from ARR (she has one prior cycle which was successful).  We were doing the cycle out of state where the donor is located. We were 8 days into stims when her monitoring appointment revealed that her follicles had stopped growing and her E2 dropped.  In talking to her, the nurse was able to figure out that the donor had not taken any meds whatsoever the day before.  She "forgot" (?!??!)  They tried to salvage the cycle by bumping up her meds but it could not be saved and I got the call yesterday that the RE cancelled it.  I'm so frustrated and angry.  Husband and I are trying to decide where to go from here.  We have already invested about $10,000 into this donor that we cannot get back (the agency fee, meds, legal, medical screenings, travel for our screening appointments, etc.) That's not including the donor fee, which we would get the majority of back at this point. The agency is trying to talk me into giving this donor another shot as apparently it was an honest mistake (she was pet/house sitting and trying to balance too much, and thought she had taken them when she hadn't) and she feels terrible about it.  Doing another cycle with her would be by far the quickest and most economically feasible option.  Am I crazy for considering giving her another shot?!  I am also wondering if this is a sign that this is not meant to be and I should give it another shot with my own eggs as I am only 36 and was on the fence about using DE in the first place. We have one more IVF cycle with insurance coverage left and it can be used for either me or a donor. 

I would appreciate any thoughts ladies!  Thank you.  

Re: donor egg cycle cancelled!

  • Hi @ChiTown16 I'm sorry I didn't see this earlier (I rarely check this board since there is little activity).  I do think you posted this to the IF board on the DE thread though.  How are things going? 
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  • Hi!  Well, I decided to do another cycle with that same donor (the one who screwed up her meds the first time and caused the cycle to be cancelled). Time and cost-wise, it made the most sense, plus she's a proven donor and I liked her profile a lot.  She just had her second screening appointment after 5 days of stims and goes back tomorrow. Her growth is slow, and she doesn't have a a ton of follicles responding either despite having an AFC count of 30, but I'm just chilling out and waiting for updates since it's out of my hands. She's a proven donor who only had 8 eggs at her last retrieval and that recipient is pregnant with twins, so the low number of follicles growing isn't shocking but just odd since all her numbers are good and such a high AFC. Thanks for asking and I'll keep you posted!  
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