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Re: Super Early, Super Unnecessary, Baby name thread

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  • @MrsPrice519 how do you pronounce Rhys?
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  • CraftyGCraftyG member
    edited October 2017
    @heelsidehero It's pronounced the same as Reese it's just the Welsh spelling.

    @thunderberry Haha that would be amazing! Sometimes I wish I didn't show my partner my favourite shows so I could slide the characters names in and he wouldn't notice until they were older.

    Edited because spelling is hard.
  • @CraftyG I get what you mean about the shows... I love the name felicity 

  • Yes to TV names. I was up too late and a different world was on. I love the name Whitley. 
  • @MrsPrice519 any chance you've read The Court of Thorns and Roses series? Rhys is a main character...
  • @ivyvines6 Oh my god I love the lion king that's amazing! 
  • In a school I worked in there was a family with three daughters: Princess Diana, My Lady Diana, and Dutchess Diana. No joke. They went by Princess, My Lady and Dutchess.
  • @justsuzie Disclaimer, I am not a POC, so...well, I guess I shouldn't be answering this.  From what I've been reading about cultural appropriation is that all POC have their own opinions on what is appropriation and what isn't, but it appears that intent has a lot to do with it.  If you're actually learning about what the name means and represents and you're using it because you love it, IMO, that would not be appropriation.  Again, I'm not a POC, so my opinion means absolutely nothing.  

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  • @justsuzie I think it also depends on the popularity of the name, if names from a certain culture have gone kind of main stream then it makes it more acceptable to me personally.
  • zizzabell523zizzabell523 member
    edited October 2017
    @ladystinson I would, but I'm not a fan of her name lol. Deborah, went by Debbie. I've tried to come up with names that start with "Deb", but nothing's working for me yet. :/

    Edit: it helps if I actually read the post I'm tagged in. You said middle name, not first name. HA! Coralynn uses her middle name (Lynn) which was 2nd choice for our DD. It's not out of the question yet, but the magic isn't floating around it quite yet.
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  • justsuziejustsuzie member
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    @kpc914 Good call....Q names, hmmmmm.


  • @justsuzie Quinn? 
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  • @justsuzie aweee I love Quinn! 
  • @justsuzie I don't think Mimi would be considered cultural appropriation since it's a name that is not unheard of in American culture.  I do agree, however, that MimiQ would be side-eyed, and think Mimi is a beautiful name. You could definitely use a Q middle name (I admit there aren't many to choose from...), or just use MimiQ as a nickname.  

    Me, 35 Hubs, 32
    Married June 2012
    BFP June 2013- blighted ovum, D&C Aug 2013
    BFP Oct 2013- twins!  A&H born May 2014
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  • Miranda Quinn?
  • How do you pronounce MimiQ?
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  • @justsuzie Is the Q part of the first name, or a middle initial? I can't really get behind a capital letter at the end of a name, but either way, Mimi is a common American nickname, and not a very common or significant Japanese name, so I wouldn't worry about cultural appropriation being an issue. "MimiQ" is definitely not a Japanese name.

    Michelle is another name Mimi is often short for.
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