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Vaccines for visitors

I know it's recommended for anyone visiting within the first 2 months to be current  on their flu and Tdap vaccine. But what'a considered current or up to date with the Tdap? Obviously the flu shot is given annually, but the Tdap seems to only be done every 10 years? Is someone still considered "safe" to be around my baby if they had the vaccine 10 years ago, or even 2-4 years ago? And what about grandparents who are considered too old for the vaccine? 

Im pro vaccination and have no problem telling people not to visit if they are not vaccinated. If they don't care enough to help protect my baby then they don't need to see him until he's old enough to protect himself. But I'm torn on restricting those who have been vaccinated, but the vaccine was done years ago; or grandparents who simply can't be vaccinated and may be forced to miss meeting their first great grandchild.

Re: Vaccines for visitors

  • The vaccine is good for 10 years. When i had my baby my sisters and friends were mostly covered, but our parents weren't current and needed to be vaccinated.
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  • I am restricting visitors.  My own Tdap was just about to expire when I gave birth anyway (somehow this was missed and I did not get it during prenatal visits...) so I got mine right after the birth. It takes 2 weeks to make antibodies or so, and hopefully breastfeeding will help extend some of those to baby once my immune system gets going on them.  I've already had this argument with my mom, she can't remember if she got the tetanus booster, or the Tdap vaccine, and hasn't found out for me yet (she thinks it was the Tdap, but she doesn't have a great grasp on medical stuff).  Her feelings keep getting hurt that I question her on this but seriously, you can't be visiting and breathing on the baby and touching and kissing them if you aren't up to date. 

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