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WTF Wednesday- Hurricane Irma Edition

Well. I think you all know what my WTF is about. We are directly in line to get our butts kicked by this storm. Plus, since I'm a school principal, I have my school to worry about too. Not thrilled to ride this thing out with a 2 YO and four months pregnant so we are likely heading out in the middle of the night to avoid the crazy traffic. 

We literally have been in our new house for a month. Oy. It's going be a long weekend!
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Re: WTF Wednesday- Hurricane Irma Edition

  • Prayers for you! We just went through Harvey and traveled at night as well, but it was nice bc the kids slept and there was practically zero traffic. Exhausting getting there in the middle of the night but better than waiting in all the traffic. 
  • Screw Irma!!!  Sorry you are having to evacuate 
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  • I'm sorry about all of you having to deal with this hurricane stuff. I couldn't even imagine dealing with something like an evacuation order, especially with small children

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  • I'm sorry! We just went through Harvey (the flooding not the hurricane). I hope your home and belongings are all unscathed. 
  • Man, that is a WTF. 
  • @mrsgunsta YES!! wtf Irma. These paths just keep shifting and the last track line pretty much hits every one of my relatives except for the ones in Tampa.  

    So far, we are still planning to hunker. I am realllly missing being able to drink because that's definitely a hurricane thing.
  • Yes, Hurricane parties are not exactly as fun sober. We've partied through lesser storms but not sure about this beotch. She ain't no joke!
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  • All the best to everyone going through this, must be really hard dealing with it during pregnancy and my thoughts are with you and your school @mrsgunsta
  • Puerto Rico did okay during the hurricane. I'm pretty sure my family is okay but can't get in touch with them. I feel bad for the smaller islands. They got it way worse. I hope everyone stays safe. 
  • Sitting here in the Midwest I can't imagine the stress of weathering a hurricane.  I hope you all have safe travels if you're evacuating and stay safe if you are hunkered down!
  • @mrsgunsta, where are you evacuating to?

    I live in Palm Beach county, near the coast. We are evacuating overnight tonight too hopefully avoid some of the traffic. Just torn on where to go. We have a hotel in Fort Myers and another in Alabama. I'd hate to go so far, but I fear Fort Myers isn't a safe option. 

    The stress from a this is destroying me. I can't stop crying thinking we are going to lose our house. 
  • @fishyfishfish234 We are torn between going to a family condo in Tampa just to escape the worst and be able to get back quickly or to the hotel rooms I reserved in Alabama. An eight hour drive with a two year old in gridlock (so probably 12 hours, easy) sounds horrifying. I think we are leaning towards Tampa so we don't have to endure the drive to and fro. 

    I know, we just bought a new house a month ago and have $20K in brand new wood floors waiting to be installed sitting in our office. This is my first two story house so I'm worried about coming back to no top floor. I can't even begin to think how to begin should we lose everything. How do you even replace a whole house, insurance or not?
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    Baby #2: BFP 8/1/2014, EDD 4/9/2015, It's a GIRL: Addison Elizabeth!

  • Stay safe ladies!
  • This is so scary. My friend just bought/moved into a place last week in Sarasota. She says the town is closing down but they haven't evacuated yet. And I heard on the radio that it'll probably affect Tampa, but who knows how much. Stay safe everyone!
  • I'm so sorry and stressed for y'all. It's upsetting all over again to read about you guys going through this. 
  • @precious88 I'm in West Volusia and everyone here seriously prepped, too. We went early for suuplies, food, and gas. Kinda nuts seeing the empty shelves now that everyone else is listening, too.  Publix is the only store around here that isn't wiped out.
  • Thinking of all of you Florida girls, your families, and your homes.  I can't imagine.  
  • Sending thoughts and prayers to all of you ladies in FL - hope you and all of your families stay safe! 
  • That's so scary! Stay safe, FL ladies!
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  • Well after spending hours on the phone and literally calling every hotel in the Orlando area, we finally found a room. Helps that hotels are lifting their pet restrictions. Several times was I in the middle of booking when someone else secured the room. It was terrible. When I finally got confirmed for a room I just lost it, sobbed to the woman on the other line. She could barely understand me, haha. 

    @mrsgunsta same thing with not wanting to be too far from home by going to Alabama. I'm just now realizing that having shelter for the hurricane may not be enough. I am so focused on the now that I'm terrified of where will our lives be a week from now. 
  • Thinking of all of you in FL!! Stay safe ❤️
  • Good luck Florida ladies.  And also coastal Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina ladies.  And be careful evacuating.  I was working in southern Georgia yesterday and traffic on I-75 N going home was awful.  Please make sure you have plenty of gas and water with you when you travel.  My thoughts are with you.
  • Here we go! Power could go any time tomorrow so I'm cranking the AC dooooooown and enjoying it while I can. Everyone be safe!
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  • @precious88 AC on cold and sleeping with a fleece blanket :) loving the amenities while we still have them.

    @mrsgunsta I hope you guys didn't go to Tampa! 
  • Thinking of you guys! 
  • Praying for you all. ❤️
  • Thinking of everyone!! Stay safe!
  • Updates? Everyone doing okay so far?
  • Updates? Everyone doing okay so far?
    I came here to see this too. Thinking of you all. 
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  • Aeml1985 said:
    Updates? Everyone doing okay so far?
    I came here to see this too. Thinking of you all. 
    Same. Thinking of everyone over there!
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  • Thanks for the update @mrsgunsta! Thinking of you all--stay safe!
  • My family is safe. We only lost power for 12 hours, I'm so shocked! I went 2 weeks without it after Charley, so I was prepared, but so happy we have it back. It sounded terrifying outside for about 8 hours last night and we didn't sleep... I heard a lot of things hitting the house but amazingly we have found no damage so far. Still have to get up on the roof, but waiting for the wind to die down; the skies are clear now but it's still really windy.

    @mrsgunsta  How are you guys now that it's passed? Still have power?

    @3plus1equals4 How are you guys doing? Any damages?

    @SunflowerMama428 Did you hear from your family in Puerto Rico?  
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  • We have power back now (lost it Sunday during the tornado watches we got here in West Volusia.) Our place is missing some siding, but that's it.

    All my family is checking in okay (some, but not most, kept power even) around the state, etc for my grandparents and my husband's grandparents. Mine had a large tree fall on their roof and unsure of the damage extent underneath it. His live in a mobile home and we are told they need a new roof and there is some water damage. 
  • 3plus1equals43plus1equals4 member
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    My family is safe. We only lost power for 12 hours, I'm so shocked! I went 2 weeks without it after Charley
    We went 5 days with only puny little Matthew last year. Really shocked at the speed with Irma! About a day and a half this time and a lot of that was with high winds.
  • @precious88 my family is safe! They are recovering the farm but they are good! Just dealing with no power and fixing some damage. I guess my uncles house didn't make it but it wasn't a cement house like the rest of my family has. They all live on like the same street/ area so at least they have each other close by 
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