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Increasing Nausea?

I have had brief bouts of nausea since 4 weeks but now I'm 6weeks and for the last 3 days it has increased to all day low grade nausea. Anyone have advice on how to help it? 

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    Thank you ishmoney. I am working on nibbling all day. Its the best I can do. Thank you for your reply. 
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  • brandnewmommabrandnewmomma member
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    Thank you all, ladies! I have or am trying all these ideas, but unfortunately, the nausea just continues no matter what. Strong most of the day... lifting a little in the late afternoon/evening. The small meals, lemon water, lots of rest, B6, ginger mints, Seabands, they are all helping me "doggy paddle" through this, but I'm still struggling. I suppose I will just have to keep keeping-on till I reach the week of pregnancy that it begins to lift. It's totally worth all the sickness misery, because I know it's due to this beautiful miracle growing inside me. I am beyond blessed. I am so excited to get the opportunity to be this baby's Momma.

    Thank you all, again. I wish you all the best!!!!!

Re: Increasing Nausea?

  • Try taking a unisom (doxylamine) before bed. I wish I had done that with my first pregnancy!!! It should help tremendously.
  • What about the "preggy pops"? My doctor recommended them. I ordered online but didn't receive them yet 
  • Lemon ginger tea. It's delicious and really does take the edge off the nausea... plus hydration for the win! 
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  • Unasom (Benadryl) once a day and B6 twice a day - but the Benadryl will probably make you pretty tired so take at night. 
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