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HDBD 9/6

Guys, it's Wednesday! How did that happen already! Oh, yeah, the holiday
Me: 32 DH: 31 *The old lady by 5 whole weeks*
Married: 11/2013
M: 6/2016  E: 5/2018

Re: HDBD 9/6

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  • meggymemeggyme member
    edited September 2017
    @khenry12 OMG any day now! I didn't realize how far along you were already!
    DD1: June '16 DD2: March ‘19 :::: Married since 2011 :::: USN Wife ::::
  • @khenry12 Wow, time has flown by so fast!!
  • @khenry12 39 weeks already????? Wow!
    Me (31) & DH (32)
    Married 9/27/2014
    DD Born 6/23/16
    Baby #2 Due 3/7/20
  • khenry12 said:
    trying to do sibling pics is already hard! Adi is doing great, she babbles all day long and likes turning clothes baskets upside-down and sitting on them. Tried to get a pic of her with my 39 week bump was more difficult than I imagined. 
    How exciting! Wow! Our first June '16 sibling will be here soon!
  • We took Damien to the zoo on Friday (both had the day off) and it was a lot of fun. He wasn't wild about the "Dinozoo" with huge animatronic dinosaurs (it was pretty cool) and was filled with nervous laughter at the petting zoo (a goat ate a chunk of my husband's shorts off). Friday night was spent at the ER, so that wasn't great, and Saturday was a recovery day. Sunday was just a bunch of errands and Monday was gross out so we just played indoors.

    My parents and I took my girls to dinozoo when it was in Denver in July but cam stayed home with my husband.
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