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Intro (TW:child)

Hi all! I've been playing on TTGP for the past two months, but thought I would intro here as well.  I posted / lurked TTGP back in 2014/2015 as well.  I have one kid - DS who is S15.  The first time around, I got pregnant very quickly so I was surprised / disappointed it didn't happen the same way this time around.  I'm 36 and DH is 35.  We live in New England and have a crazy 10 year old cat who keeps us up at night (seriously, my toddler sleeps better than she does).  

Re: Intro (TW:child)

  • I can relate to it not being so easy the second time around! We have a 3-1/2yo and are desperately trying for a sibling for her. Wishing you all the best!
  • Welcome! We have a 6 yo DD and have been trying for a year with a loss in December. Just like you with DD it only took 1 month.
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