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Van's birth story

I was scheduled for an induction at midnight on Wednesday 9/6-9/7 but felt super sick (weak, nausea, low fetal movement) on Sunday 9/3 and went to the hospital. Turned out I had HELLP syndrome on top of the cholestasis! My blood counts were all out of wack so they tried to induce me but it wasn't moving along fast enough and my platelets were dropping dangerously low and chances of hemorrhage were increasing. With my platelets so low I couldn't have an epidural and I have a heart arrhythmia and the cardiologist at the hospital thought it was best I get a C-sec under general anesthesia so my heart rate didn't spike under a long induction without epidural.... 

He was born via C, healthy and screaming at 5lbs 12oz and I had skin to skin with him for about an hour. He tried to nurse but unfortunately I was pretty groggy and don't remember much of it. Then he went to the nursery while I could recover because I required platelets, a blood transfusion, etc. His breathing was a little erratic so he went to in NICU Monday night but should be released on Wednesday. I'm in the Maternity extra care unit and should be released to general recovery tomorrow as well.

I struggle with if this was the best decision or if I should have tried to labor longer under induction. I wasn't even feeling contractions... it all happened so fast and was so unexpected... it was a bit of a traumatic birth experience to be honest and I hope we both recover fast so we can get the bonding time we need! Just keep reminding myself that at the end of the day I have a healthy baby boy and we will heal together!

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  • @jenn622-2 congrats on your baby boy! I understand that's not the birth experience you wanted but just know you did what was best for you and your baby. There are so many scary things that could have happened. I'm glad you listened to your body and reported your concerns because they were clearly dangerous. Congrats again and wishing you and baby and speedy recovery!  <3
  • Congratulations! Sending good thoughts for you and baby to be healthy and strong very soon!
  • I can see how that would feel traumatic. Don't hesitate to reach out to other moms/supports if those feelings continue after release from the hospital. Congratulations on your baby boy. Best wishes for a smooth and quick recovery. 
  • Congratulations on a healthy baby boy. One of my friends had a birth which didn't go to plan and was quite upset about it afterwards thinking she'd already failed as a mum. The midwife told her that she will be this boys mum for the rest of her life and she will make millions of decisions for him, some she will be happy with and others less so, so as long as he was born healthy, the way in which he delivered will be inconsequential in the years to come. This perspective really helped my friend come to terms with her birth so I hope it helps you to. You made the best decisions that you could for you and your little boy at that time under the circumstances you were in.
  • I'm so glad you had a healthy baby and you are okay! HELLP and cholestasis? I'm so glad you listened to your body and that the doctors did what they thought would be best. I'm sorry it's such a traumatic rough situation to come to terms with though. You did an amazing job and delivered your baby boy healthy into this world! Be proud you overcame such obstacles to a healthy mom and baby. <3

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  • Thanks for all the support! Now that we've both had some time to recover it doesn't seem so bad but both my doctors said they had never seen two such rare conditions pop up so unexpectedly at the last moment! Just my luck but this little babe is so worth it! 
  • @jenn622-2 congratulations on the birth of your son Van. I'm so sorry you were that sick, but you're already an awesome mom for trusting your intuition and going in to the hospital. If you need someone to talk to, I'm here. With my first, I had to have a medically necessary c-section and it was pretty scary/traumatic, so I may relate to a lot of what you've gone through. I hope you both get better quickly.
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