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Where are you now?

Any June 2015 momma's out there still checking in from time to time? Where are you now? I'd love to hear updates!

I had baby number 2 in April! Momma of two boys now. It is getting easier. I'm still on maternity leave and plan to return to work in January 2018. We are also planning on major house renovations which has been a huge pain! 
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Re: Where are you now?

  • I'm still here occasionally. We still only have the 1 little one. We're house shopping and getting settled in at new jobs before we think about having another or adopting.
  • Nice to see folks still check in every now and then. I enjoy our FB group but it's been silent over there, too. Had another June baby and she is now 2.5 months. I'll be going back to work at the beginning of November. DH and I are planning to try for #3 sometime next year then I'll probably get a ligation. I can't believe I have 2 kids now!

    Me: 31
         DH: 34
    Married 11/09/2013
    LO#1: LMP 09/14/2014  BFP 10/15/2014  EDD 06/24/2015  DS Born 06/14/2015
    LO#2: LMP 09/18/2016  BFP 10/19/2016  EDD 06/27/2017 DD Born 06/27/2017
    LO#3: LMP 05/16/2018  BFP 06/18/2018  EDD 02/20/2019

  • I'm here once in awhile. Still just my June 15 babe and probably one and done here. Would love to hear from folks so I can live vicariously through your new baby experiences. I finally weaned my daughter at 27 months.  Did not plan to go that long! She would've kept going too but I was ready.
  • @mrscalirn really #3? That's great! I'd love a third child if I could wait 3-4 years, but the clock is not on my side. I'm only 34 years old, but can't imagine having a baby at 38. My husband doesn't want anymore so we are most likely done. 

    @ciennah99 two kids is a lot of work. But now that number 2 is almost 6 months, it has gotten so much easier. Both my kids are so much fun together. And definitely I'm so much layed back with number 2. 
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    BFP #1 12/23/13 MMC 01/24/14 @ 9w5days

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  • I'm due with baby #2 (and probably last since we can't be like guys and have kids when we're old) at the end of March. Our daughter so far has been positive about it.  It'll be interesting to see how she is about it as we get closer and closer, and of course when the baby comes.  We'll find out the sex in a few weeks, so thinking of some cute and easy way to reveal to her if she'll have a baby brother or baby sister.

    We're now potty training, so fun times!  Her going to daycare and being around other kids around her age also using the potty helps as well, so that's nice.  Going on a vacation in a couple months, which will be her first plane ride.  I'm excited to see how it'll go and a bit nervous of being that person on the plane with a little human being who is still learning how to be a proper human being.
  • I'm here off and on. I mostly use the FB page or just stalk. There usually isn't much activity on here any more. 

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  • Hello! I check every few months, apparently! I had another June baby - DS and now DD are 2 years and 3 weeks apart. She is such an easy baby, and while the first couple months were really tough ups and downs, things have leveled out. DS is such a great big brother and adores his baby sister. 

    Phew, two is quite the age, isn’t it?! I hear 3 is even tougher. I love my little boy, but the highs and lows are extreme. And he’s a great kid! Still not a great sleeper, so we are doing a lot of things differently with this baby, haha. We are back in Germany, hopefully somewhat permanently. DS is bilingual now, which is really fun and wild. As DH says, “I never thought I’d have a little boy screaming ‘Nein!’ at me!!”

    I would love to have another! DH says no. I said we can talk about it seriously in another 2 years. I usually get my way, but we’ll see what makes sense for us at that point. I thought I wasn’t a newborn person, but the adjustment this time was so much easier and I cannot get enough of these baby snuggles!! 

    Glad to hear from you ladies! 
  • I'm still around but participate mostly in a private group made up of ladies I met on the ttgp board while I was ttc#2.  I had DD2 in June (10 days shy of being exactly 2 years apart).  She's a super easy baby but 2 is still an adjustment.  I'd like a third but DH is not interested and we're already 35 anyway so this will probably be it for us.

    I went back to work in October so we're just in survival mode now.  I work from home 3 days a week and in the office twice which is a nice mix. DD1 is a great big sister and is getting so old now haha.  She was an early talker and some of the stuff she says is pretty advanced and crazy coming from a 2 year old, but don't worry, she still willingly shits her pants and will only pee in the toilet at daycare so that's awesome.  #momlife
    Me: 36 DH: 36
    Married 5-31-14
    DD1 born 6-21-15
    DD2 born 6-11-17
    DS born 9-5-18

  • I'm here and not here lol 

    I just started joining again because I'm not part of the June/July 2018 BMB!! 

    I mostly use the FB page to chat to everyone. Hope everyone is good!!

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