July 2016 Moms


Its been quiet around here lately! My favorite podcast does a Segment called "awesome of the week". It can be anything from a new song to a recipe, to makeup, to anything at all. Just something you are loving right now. 


Whats your awesome of the week? 


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  • @babycakesday Tell me about it! LOL
  • Definitely an excellent GTKY for the week. This hasn't been the easiest week for us either. We went out of town over the weekend only to come home to our pup barely being able to walk. After three days of vet appointments we're hoping we have a solution to the problem. But jury is still out. We also have a lot of friends in law enforcement and Wednesday some POS decided to shoot a sheriff here. Luckily not one of our friends but that doesn't make it any easier. Still a life lost for no reason. It always helps to look for the silver lining - we've found a couple fun new shoes to binge watch - Ozarks and Gypsy. Love jason Bateman!! Might have to add OC to my list. I never watched it when I was younger but I bet it's right up my alley!
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