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So DH and I have an almost 13 month son. We recently started talking about trying for number 2 soon. My sister is getting married in punta Cana in September of 2018. I didn't want to have a newborn for it so we decided we would start trying in maybe March (it pains me to think of waiting that long) so I would be at the latest, 6 months along and still able to fly. Then it dawned on me! Zika?! It fell from the headlines so I didn't think much about it. Now I'm reading that the CDC advises men to wait 6 months after traveling to affected areas to start trying to conceive. That pushes our timeline out another year! I'm so upset about this. If it wasn't for the wedding we would probably start trying now. Now we're looking at having to wait until March of 2019 at the earliest to start. Leaving us with a minimum 3.5 year age gap between children. Has anyone else ran into a similar situation. Does anyone know what doctors are currently recommending? I plan to talk to my ob/gyn at my next appointment but that isn't until January. Thanks in advance ladies. 

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  • Doctors will almost always advise you to listen to the CDC recommendations. If DR is a zone of active transmission then they will advise against traveling if pregnanct or TTC within 6 months. Unfortunately epidemic diseases don't usually care about our plans. 

  • We met with our OB (for something else), but I asked about Zika because my DH might go down to the Bahamas for work. My OB said that if we are ttc, we should just stay away. If DH goes down it's at least 6 months because it can stay dormant in the testicles. He also said that if DH shows symptoms it's 6 months from the end of the symptoms. So, if he starts showing symptoms 6 months after going we would have to wait another 6 months to make sure it's cleared his system. Once we discovered that it could be a full year, we decided that we would send someone else instead. 
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  • Thanks for the replies ladies. Unfortunately not going is just not an option.  It's just me and my sister sibling wise and we recently lost our mother. I guess we will just have to wait and rock the big age gap.
  • Have you talked to your sister about your concerns? Does she have to get married in punta cana? There are plenty of islands without the zika virus. 
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  • Yea its already planned and booked. And her fiancé has family there. I couldn't ask her to change it
  • We had zika dictate when we could start TTC also. We had a family trip planned to Jamaica before we were even engaged - so we decided to go on it (about a month before our wedding). 
    We got a lot of garbage from certain people, including the travel agent that we were going when we were getting married a month later.
    We followed the CDC recommendations, and are now OK'd by the doc to start TTC from a zika standpoint.

    We wanted to try sooner - but decided better safe than sorry.
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