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Hurricane Harvey

Asking for prayers for all affected by this storm. I am in Houston and my house has so far been very fortunate but I am worried for some family in other areas and watching these rescues on TV is absolutely heartbreaking. So many children, I can only imagine how scared they must be. Any other J16 mamas in Texas affected by this? Praying for everyone's safety, as more rain is still expected and we are not out of this yet.

Re: Hurricane Harvey

  • Sending prayers from New York. Keeping you and all of Texas in my thoughts.
  • I keep seeing photos online. So heartbreaking! Sending thoughts and prayers from Canada ! 
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  • I can't look at the picture of all the people, children, and animals being effected and not tear up every time.  I'm definitely keeping the area in my thoughts and hoping for a quick recovery.  
  • I was rescued by a canoe on Saturday morning. Water started coming in our house at 1am. By about 8am I sent out a cry for help to my Facebook friends, and someone found a neighbor to help. We are fairly certain the entire first floor of our house got submerged. 
    Evelyn has been a champ through this whole ordeal so far. We've been able to keep her nap and sleep schedule pretty regular. She's having a ball at the different houses we've been at, because it's a whole new set of toys to check out. I am fairly certain we're going to be getting one of those mini trampolines for her!
    A friend has offered his house to stay at when we're putting everything back together. We will be able to keep our nanny which will hopefully keep things pretty normal. 
    Right now we're just waiting for this infernal rain to stop so that the water will go down. It looks like we have two more days...

  • @krrpe99 I'm so sorry to hear about your home. What part of the city do you live in? I'm glad you have friends that are helping out and a dry place to stay. Looks like the rains are heading east for now and hopefully the rain will end soon
  •  Oh my gosh! I've been a sobbing mess watching from Detroit... I used to live just inland of Galveston. My cousin's gone in Pearland is flooded (they evacuated with a newborn) but we don't know the full extent yet. Another cousin is a fireman in Bastrop (near Austin) and will be heading to Houston this week to assist. I haven't been able to reach my ex's family in Santa Fe since Friday. My dad is driving down on Thursday to help my family...
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    @BarrettJ89 So sorry that your family has been affected, especially with a newborn. Prayers for them as they recover from this. The rain has finally stopped, thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers! 

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    @SDaniels19 We live at Memorial and Eldridge. Not only did we get the regular flooding, but we're very near the Addicks Dam they've been releasing. We were at the in-laws next and had to leave because the Barker reservoir was getting close to backing up to their house. The whole thing is crazy!
  • Oh my gosh, @krrpe99 being evacuated by canoe sounds so crazy and scary!  Glad you and your family are safe.  I'm so sorry about your house being flooded. @SDaniels19 thinking of you too and glad you've been fortunate so far - hope that remains the case.  Sending all my good thoughts to both of you and any other mamas in the Houston area!  

    Also @krrpe99 are you feeling okay?  If I remember correctly we're due date buddies in April and my nausea has been bad the last couple days - hope you're hanging in there!  Must be extra tough to deal with right now!  Hugs!
  • @krrpe99 That area has been hit so hard! My father in law lives off Clay Rd near Addicks also- they just finished reno from last year's flood 3 months ago and today they have 8 feet of water in their home that they just got back, it's heartbreaking

    Thank you @maureenmce !
  • @maureenmce - yep, the sickness has been awful. I can't really snack all day like usual to try an minimize the nausea. I usually only feel bad in the morning, but now it's all day. I feel awful complaining about it, because the sickness went away after I lost my last baby. I'm very grateful to still be feeling sick. Such a weird dichotomy. We're also not telling people yet, so I'm trying to hide how terrible I feel. 
    @SDaniels19  That's just awful. We have a neighbor that was a week away from moving back in
  • @SDaniels19  Oh gosh, how heartbreaking and frustrating!

    @krrpe99 Wow, that must be SO tough. Sending you all my best thoughts as you hang in there. Hugs!
  • @krrpe99 Wow I'm so sorry you are going through this! I'm glad you and your family are safe. I think I know what you mean about the morning sickness - now that I've had a loss, I know I will have a love/hate relationship with that when I get pregnant again and will try to appreciate the morning sickness! 
  • This is my street. My house is two doors down :(

  • Oh, @krrpe99 my heart just hurts :( so glad you and your family are safe. I just can't imagine what you are going through. 
  • Oh no @krrpe99 I'm so sorry!
  • So sorry to see that @krrpe99 , truly heartbreaking. Have y'all been able to go back and start cleaning up?
  • @SDaniels19 No we can't get in for probably a few more weeks. Our neighborhood is one of several being sacrificed so they can repair the reservoirs. They are releasing water for 10-20 more days. The only things I got out were a few clothes for Evelyn. 
    The community has been amazing so far with helping. Everyone wants to give. 
    Our second story didn't flood, and I pulled all of Evelyn's stuff up there. It will be a while to see if we can save any of it. 
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