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Favorite Cloth Diaper Brands: POCKETS, AO, AI2s

Hi all!
My first baby is due in September and I haven't bought my cloth diaper stash yet.   I have enough newborn-18 lbs disposable diapers to last while I make my purchasing decisions.  I've done TONS of research on various styles and brands, and I've narrowed down the brands I THINK are best, but I still need other moms' opinions!

What are your favorite brands for pockets and all-in-ones?  What are the pros and cons of your favorites?

Any hybrid (AI2) cloth diaper brand recommendations?  

And finally, when you were purchasing your cloth diapers, what helped make your decision about the brand(s) you purchased?  

Thanks for your help!

Re: Favorite Cloth Diaper Brands: POCKETS, AO, AI2s

  • I started with pocket diapers, hated them, and restashed with aio's. We use Flip covers for our hybrid/travel option. Since DS is allergic to micro suede, we have to use organic cotton. I love smartbottoms 3.1's when they are FINALLY prepped, Bumgenius elementals, and We have one thirsties, but I'm not the biggest fan of the fit of it.
  • My friend tried a lot of stuff and she loves BumGenius pockets. 

    I use Thirsties duos covers with fitters I sewed myself. I chose Thirsties because of the "two-sizes-fits-all" system with a smaller and a larger "one-size"-style diaper. 
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  • I bought a few of the Kanga Care pocket diapers because they had pretty good reviews. I'm going to wait for my sister to come in town for thanksgiving. She has a variety that she's going to bring with her and offer some recommendations based on her experience with her 2 kids. I'm sure I'll make a post once I decide.
  • We started with Alvababy and Buttons covers with flat diapers as well as newborn Alvababy and Little Bloom pockets. After trying both types we find that pockets are best for us. I have a 26 diaper newborn stash and a 27 diaper one size stash. With newborn pockets I'd wash every other day (next kid I plan on buying more so I can go at least two days!) and with the one size I can go as much as three days before washing. I actually turned my flat diapers into inserts by pad folding and then doing a quick run with the sewing machine on all four edges.

    My preferred washing routine is a prewash with oxygen bleach powder and then a heavy stain wash with an Ecoegg wash ball or Ecover wash powder. I also add an extra rinse if I'm using the wash powder. You don't really need a special detergent, and stripping is something I only do if the diapers have contact with something containing petroleum jelly. I sun-dry or air-dry the pocket cover and run the inserts in my dryer. A lot of people prefer Tide for their diapers so that could be a good option for you.

    Pros of the Alvababy/Little Bloom/Littles & Blooms diapers is that they're cheap, virtually the same size and quality of Bum Genius diapers, and come in a huge range of styles and patterns. Cons are that Alvababy doesn't sell Velcro in One Size pockets and LB inserts are awful. Do get Alvababy inserts or make your own. Another possible con is that both are "China Cheapies" which a lot of people have their own reasons for not liking. I've never had issues with my diapers and say that it's a good and inexpensive way to get a good stash for your baby, so don't discount China Cheapies just because they're from China and are cheaper than name-brands like Bummi or Charlie Banana.
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