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  • @Labluver2 sorry I can't help with that question because I only did Femara for my IUIs. I don't remember any noticeable changes in my period though, except I really felt ovulation cramps a lot more.
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    @ELeighMay welcome to the board! I'm so sorry for your loss, I can't imagine what that feels like but I know how I feel when my RE has called after each IVF to say our fertilized eggs didn't make it to the 5-day mark. This journey is emotionally exhausting and it's different for each of us. As for your question on MFI, my DH had low motility just a bit but good enough counts so he's been put on CoQ10 and vitamin D plus a multivitamin and encouraged to watch his caffeine and alcohol intake. But for us I think it's my age and egg health that's our biggest hurdle. 
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  • @Labluver2 Sorry, just catching up.  I haven't done IUI, but AF after my first IVF this year felt worse than the egg retrieval did for me (granted, I had the benefit of twilight anesthesia then norco the day of ER).  But it was bad (normally I'll take midol/pamprin for day 1 and maybe day 2 to keep from whining, but it couldn't touch this pain).  I use a menstrual cup and had to change it more frequently than usual.  I didn't remember that from my 2012 egg freezing cycle, and AF wasn't that bad after my last two IVF cycles (luteal lupron - first one was antagonist), so I don't know why.
    About me:
    Married 6/18/16 (Me 42, DH 44), TTC #2
    Natural BFP 8/10/16 --> mc our NIPT-normal little girl at 11w5d on 10/1/16 :(
    As of 12/2016:  AMH 1.42, FSH 6.1, AFC ~10
    Self-benched Nov-Dec 2016 for
    IVF #1 Jan-Feb 2017 (OCP, testosterone primed antagonist w/HGH - ER 2/2/17 - 12R, 7M ICSI'd, 3F, 0B)
    IVF #2 Mar-Apr 2017 (testosterone primed agonist/luteal lupron w/HGH - ER 4/8/17 - 10R, 8M, 8F, 5B, 1 PGS normal)
    IVF #3 May-Jun 2017 (testosterone primed agonist/luteal lupron w/HGH - ER 6/4/17 - 14R, 5F, 3B, 0 normal)
    **New RE**
    IVF #4 Sept 2017 (natural start microdose lupron flare w/HGH - ER 9/28/17 - 33R, 18F, 10B, 4 PGS normals!)
    FET #1 (medicated) of one PGS normal 4AA XX 11/2/17 - Beta #1 11/11/17 (153), Beta #2 11/13/17 (324), mc at 5w1d on 11/19/17 :(
    IVF #5 Dec 2017 - Insemination of 9 frozen eggs from 2012 (8F, 1B, 0 normal)
    Jan 2018 - Natural cycle ERA (normal/receptive) & stimming for
    IVF #6 Jan-Feb 2018 (natural start microdose lupron flare w/HGH - ER 2/3/18 - 17R, 6M, 4F, 0 blasts)
    IVF #7 Feb 2018 (natural start microdose lupron flare w/HGH - ER 2/26/18 - 19R, 9M, 9F, 4B, 2 PGS normals)
    FET #2 Apr 2018 (natural cycle w/o trigger, w/P4 support) of one PGS normal 4AA- XX 4/5/18 - Beta #1 4/14/18 (67), Beta #2 4/16/18 (231)
    Rainbow baby girl born 12/16/2018 (via c-section, induced at 39 weeks)

    FET #3 Dec 2019 (natural cycle w/o trigger, w/P4 support) of one PGS normal 3BB XY 12/16/19 - Beta #1 12/24/19 (139), Beta #2 12/27/19 (482)

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