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Polyp, anyone?

*TW - loss mentioned* 

So I'm currently working with a RE after having 2 miscarriages as well as difficulty getting pregnant the second time. I had sonohysterogram last week and they found 2 polyps, one that was large. So I have to have surgery to remove them before TTC again. The surgery is scheduled for October which seems forever away. I should be able to TTC after one period after the surgery. Currently on birth control to keep the lining thin prior to surgery. I understand the reasoning but can't help but feel like it's a major set back. Anybody have experience with this? How did your surgery go?

Picture inserted just because I think it's crazy how big it is.  

Re: Polyp, anyone?

  • I had a really large one as well. Mine was found during a hysteroscopy in May that was done just days after my first IVF cycle failed. It was an easily enough procedure, and they removed the whole thing.

    FWIW- I got pregnant with my very next FET, but unfortunately it has ended in a Chemical.

    I'm sorry you have to wait so long- I'm convinced all the waiting is truly the hardest part of infertility!

    1st cycle of IVF started April 9, 2017. ER- 15R, 7M, 5F, 4 frozen, 1 transferred. BFN

    May 2017- Hysteroscopy

    June-August 2017- 2nd attempt via FET. 2 Embryos transferred on 08/10/17. BFP, but ended in a chemical.

    November 2017- Hysteroscopy

    January 2018- 3rd attempt via FET. 2 Embryos transferred on 01/25/18. BOLD BFP on a HPT on 1/31, Beta # 1 on 2/5= 721. Beta # 2 on 2/7- 1903. 6wk+3 day scan revealed twins!

    I'm blogging about it here

  • Tw- loss mentioned, children mentioned

    After our ivf loss, my re found polyps and remnants from our loss still in my uterus. They had me on bcp, we did the surgery, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought, we did the transfer, and both embryos took.

    I get that it's hard to have yet ANOTHER set back, but think of it as something that will, hopefully, help this cycle be successful for you in the end. You want you body in the best possible condition it can be in to help the process as much as possible. 

    Hugs to you!!
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  • I had a polyp removed last May. The procedure was simple. I was up and going after I woke up from my anaesthesia.
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    I had a D&C in November to remove a large polyp... And when she was in there she found several more (little ones) and removed those too. My RE had me on BC for 6 months before going again. The surgery was super easy and i dont recall having any pain or discomfort afterwards. 

    *tw* like @dragonfly6191 I got my first ever BFP the 1st cycle (IUI) after the surgery, but it unfortunately ended in CP... and I think the surgery definitely helped us get that BFP *tw end*
    Me: 33 / DH: 30
    Married: 10/19/13
    NTNP since 2010 / TTC since 2013
    DX: Unexplained
    June 2014 – Aug 2014 (3 cycles): Medicated cycles >> Letrozole + Trigger = BFN
    Sept 2014: IUI #1 >> Letrozole + Follistim + Trigger = BFN 
    Dec 2014: IUI #2 >> Letrozole + Follistim + Trigger = BFN 
    Sept 2016: Consult with RE, DH consult with Urologist
    Nov 2016: D&C to remove polyps >> RE required 6 month break
    May 2017: IUI #3 >> Letrozole + Follistim + Trigger = BFP >> MC/CP
    Aug 2017: IUI #4 >> Follistim + Trigger = BFN
    Oct 2019: IVF Consult

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