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  • I did HSG. Turned out that I had a blocked tube so I'm glad I had it done 1st. The pain about an hour after the test was terrible. I found out after that pain is worse if a tube is blocked. 
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    Yeah that's where we are at too.  I know it's expensive and my health insurance has a high deductible, so I know it'd cost me a lot.  I'm so confused at how some docs can be so conservative while others are not.  I think we'll chance it with a few tries first. Thx!

    My wife and I have conceived a babe with my body and frozen donor sperm through IUI, with medication support (clomid, ovidrel, and injections of progesterone)

    IUI #1, #2, and #3: Dec 2017, Jan 2018, and Feb 2018 - all BFN
    HSG Test: April 2018 - all clear!
    IUI #4: April 15/16, 2018 - BFP!! EDD: Jan 7, 2019 

  • @lazyornghousecat ; I completely understand - I need some type of ping notification or something. At this point if the next round doesn't work we should try the test since I should be at my max for the year. 
  • Hi all—partner is 7.5 weeks pregnant, IVF after many unsuccessful IUI’s. Glad to find this forum—we have close queer parenting friends but none living near us right now. In process of finding an OB. 
  • Congratulations @fu45!  This forum isn't always super active but I'm glad to see you here.  Welcome!

    My wife and I have conceived a babe with my body and frozen donor sperm through IUI, with medication support (clomid, ovidrel, and injections of progesterone)

    IUI #1, #2, and #3: Dec 2017, Jan 2018, and Feb 2018 - all BFN
    HSG Test: April 2018 - all clear!
    IUI #4: April 15/16, 2018 - BFP!! EDD: Jan 7, 2019 

  • @fu45 Yay! Congrats - that's so exciting!
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  • I hope everyone is enjoying this end of year time - whether it's holidays or time with friends or loved ones. We all have goals and dreams of where we want to be next year and who will be surrounding us. My hope is that 2018 surpasses your wildest dreams and expectations!
  • Status: my wife is 32wks pregnant 

    What is happening this week? Just had our first baby shower so organizing nursery 

    Any lgbt questions, advice, problems, etc? Not currently

    Gtky: What is your favorite TV series? Hmmmm so many to choose from. Real really like Blind Spot 
  • Hi. I don't know if anyone is still around but I'm new here and was hoping to connect. 

    We just had our first appointment a couple of weeks ago and have a follow up next week. We are hoping to do reciprocal IVF but we are at the very beginning stages.

    I don't know if I have any questions right now, I just feel completely lost right now...

  • Status: Looks like this board is pretty quiet, but I'll bite. 13 weeks pregnant

    What is happening this week? Unpacking. Just moved a few weeks ago, and still surrounded by boxes

    Any lgbt questions, advice, problems, etc? Not at the moment

    Gtky: What is your favorite TV series? to watch with wife NCIS. On my own, cooking shows

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  • Status: I'm 9w4d, thanks to medicated IUI.

    What is happening this week? Nauseous, and trying to connect with other LGBT parents.

    Any lgbt questions, advice, problems, etc? So many. Too many to list.

    Gtky: What is your favorite TV series? Of all time, Buffy. Currently, Call the Midwife. 

    Anyone else here? Hi @Kenneylynn3! Congrats on your rainbow baby!

    @GeeUnit77 We wanted to do reciprocal IVF, but couldn't afford it, and in addition my wife's eggs were too old. She seems excited regardless, but I do think her family would have felt more connected if we had both been biologically related. As it is, I'm dreading telling them. Let us know if you have questions, we can try our best. I got some good info about IVF stalking the Infertility thread in the TTGP board. They talk about all the medications, each step of the procedure, and their outcomes over there.
    Me: 28 DW: 43
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  • Status: 4 + 5 pregnant (nonmedicated iui)

    What is happening this week? Friends birthday, work.

    Any lgbt questions, advice, problems, etc? 
    Not really a question but would be great to have more lgbt pregnant people to chat with :)

    Gtky: What is your favorite TV series? I won't choose between buffy and doctor who. The wife and i are currently working through the fosters though!
  • I'm excited to see babies on their way on this message board!!!

    I'm so sorry I've been out of touch for so long. Mine was born March 24. She was breach which required a cesarean, but whatever.

    Pic in the spoiler - I don't know if LGBT is genetic, but we took her out for dinner and she flirted all night with a table of 6 lesbians(we know some of them)! :D  She was showing off her new toy, "talking" non stop, smiling... 

    Inside, I was like, "That's my kiddo!" 

    Hope everyone is happy and healthy. xoxo

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  • Any folks still here? I’m due July 2019 and rolling my eyes at the heteronormativity involved in pretty much every aspect of this pregnancy thing. Plus I’d love to hear from any other androgynous/masculine-of-center folks about maternity clothes so I can plan before I actually need them :) 
  • ... so I've lurked this board but been a bit on the fence about posting because I am in a long-term heterosexual relationship, so obviously there are things that I may not be experiencing that other people who aren't "passing" as such are experiencing.

    Anyway, I did want to chime in and say that I'm interested in having some non-heteronormative discussions and I'm here if the other few people who are currently around are game with my participation.

    @knottiebd503ce93d668828 Non-feminine maternity clothes: I'm not at all an expert, just a first-timer myself and I'm still mostly able to get away with my usual wardrobe but I have been looking for a few more months than you, perhaps.
    The most difficult might be if you have a job with a more formal dress code--casual styles seem easy enough to come by. I've found some neutral options for t-shirts, sweaters, and plaid shirts. Pants are tougher - I've been getting away with my low-rise baggy jeans and think I might be able to for quite a while, and then perhaps just go to old-man potbelly solution with some suspender action and undo the button or something... I haven't seen much for maternity pants that aren't skin-tight (although that might be your thing) or some variation on sweat pants/workout clothes that you could just wear a larger size of. I haven't looked anywhere special, just finding some stuff mixed in with Target and some online stores.

    And for my introduction:

    Status: I'm almost 20 weeks, due end of April
    What is happening this week? Settling into new job, looking for a new apartment, generally trying to stay calm through it all
    Any lgbt questions, advice, problems, etc? I am always uncertain of where to position myself in conversations/spaces in the lgbt community;
    also I can't stand some of the acronyms used on this message board (eg. FTM definitely just means female-to-male to me... also what is up with DH? so weird to me)
    Gtky: What is your favorite TV series?: Parks and Recreation (but when I was a kid, it was definitely Xena, and I had no idea of the associations of that until I was well into my twenties)

    also, hey @sheepshepherdess :)

  • Thanks for the clothing suggestions! I’m lucky that work is pretty informal (I work in a science research organization) so I can get away with jeans and a button down. I’ll just hang in there and see how long it all lasts.

    And I’m chuckling at your hate for the acronyms - I’m right there with you :) 

    Just had my first ultrasound today and I’m relieved all is looking well - 7w2d and a strong heartbeat. It’s still not feeling entirely real, but I’m sure it’ll all swim into reality land at some point! 
  • Congrats! The first heartbeat is amazing! 

    For pg clothing I was able to find strait leg jeans at Motherhood maternity that weren't too bad. and I got their solid black and grey long sleeve t-shirts. Then I wore over sized men's button downs. By the end there's not much you can do with a bump. 

    Hope everyone is feeling well!
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