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Anyone not hungry?

Im 13w 3d. I am hungry in the morning but then I just kinda feel full the ret of the day. I don't feel nauseous or have morning sickness. I just feel full-maybe the fact I'm getting bigger and my uterus is expanding. 

Re: Anyone not hungry?

  • I see you are 13 weeks. I can completely relate to feeling that way around that point but usually because I felt like garbage. I am finding now at 15 weeks my appetite is beginning to come back now.

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  •  yep,  starving one day,  and not hungry at all the next.  On days I'm not hungry i try to at least eat breakfast,  a light dinner and a late snack so i don't feel ill later 
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  • I felt that way a few weeks ago but now at 15 weeks I cannot stop eating.  Yesterday I had to run downstairs in the middle of drying my hair to get a banana because I was so hungry.  And today I ate a bunch of pineapple right before I woke up and during my middle of the night awake spell I was seriously contemplating a snack.  (Random: I've gone through two pineapples this week as I am craving it nonstop.)

    And now it's 10:15 and I'm already thinking about lunch.
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  • Haha no, all I do is EAT EAT EAT no matter what! 
    Praying I don't get super fat this go around!
  • I am 13 weeks and some change...I am normally hungry during the day--and not so much in the evenings.  I had cereal for dinner last night. 
  • I'm not hungry either. 15weejs
  • I'm off and on with with.  Sometimes, I'm hungry like I normally would be, and sometimes, I am not hungry at all.  I find that I end up feeling like crap if I don't eat (headaches, tired), so I try to find something that sounds okay enough.  I've eaten lots of Kashi cereal and egg sandwiches in these situations! 
  • I had no appetite whatsoever a few weeks ago, but ate anyway because I'm a big foodie lol 
    But now, just hit 16 weeks and boy am I hungry all the time!! And even after a complete meal I don't get that full feeling it's so strange, I'm so used to eating until I feel really full haha so idk when to stop, should probably begin to control myself right about now 
  • I wasn't, but 14wks and 2d the switch flipped. Now I'm trying to figure out the multiple small meals to keep myself going, because inhaling chik fil a while flying down the highway just isn't good for anyone. Dont worry, it'll come  :)
  • I never feel very hungry when rocking the bloat. Even now at 15 weeks I still feel pretty bloated. I don't remember being this bloated still with my last pregnant, but I also had a lot more nausea and vomiting
  • Not for real food. Im still only eating once, twice a day and when i do, its very small portion. I just keep drinking water and eating fruit as that's the only thing that seems to want outside of food. Only have cravings every now and again but i crave feeling like im about to eat the whole world and then barley put a dent in the food. #leftovers
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