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HDBD 8/23

This has to be my current favorite picture of Brynlee. She just got so big and beautiful in the blink of an eye!

"A" for ingenuity, kiddo! Using a chip clip to hold/eat her poptart...

She was bored with my shenanigans... also, note her 1980's, sweat band style headband. She has decided she likes head bands again, but only if sure can pick them and wear them like this.

Re: HDBD 8/23

  • This is Birdie, trying to stall bedtime. Hiding behind the chair and playing peekaboo.
    We've been trying to jam in as many summer activities as we can before it gets too cold, meaning a trip to the Indy Zoo when it was 90 degrees out. This penguin swam straight to the glass before turning at the last second. It startled her so much that it knocked her on her butt!
    Finally, a picture of my Minnie-obsessed girl. This is her favorite outfit. (She's also taken to wearing Minnie underwear over her diaper.)
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  • @juliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Those boots are cute! I'm regretting not having any right now. We're going through the hurricane right now and rain boots would be fun to splash around in when we get breaks in the rain!
    i took this picture last week. I'm so jealous of her hair! 
  • These were taken while camping for the first time. Freya loves being upside down, spun around, etc. We are doing a trial gymnastics class next week ;)
    I also love how she is starting to really enjoy pretend play. She's cooking a delicious soup in the 2nd pic. 
  • Everyone's LO's are so stinking cute!  

    Also, @fishee333 I'm so curious to know how camping went - I'd love to go with Rose this fall.  Did you take a pack in play or something or did she sleep on the ground with a blanket/sleeping bag?  That's the one thing I can't figure out.  Also, I'm terrified Rose will launch herself toward the campfire. (She's crazy and curious so...yeah, I'm scared of that.) Other than that I'm dying to go!  Any tips/experience you had would be amazing!!!

    Here's Rose lately!  She's obsessed with her new robot purse, the bears at the playground near us, and running as far away from me as possible!  Lol.  Love this crazy, wild girl.

  • @maureenmce During the day, camping was awesome. Freya absolutely had a blast, and so did we. The sleeping part was horrible, even worse than we anticipated. We had a pack n play but she freaked out about it, so we tried putting her between us on the ground to sleep. At first she thought it was play time, and then she got over tired and wouldn't stop crying. By 11pm we gave up and put her in the stroller and walked her around. Long story short, she got about 6 hours of broken sleep in the stroller both nights we camped. We were all exhausted by the end, but I don't regret it because we also just had so much fun. DH's brother and his family slept in a tent next to us though, and they have a baby about 3 months younger and she slept great in her pack n play! They put her to bed first around 7, and joined her in the tent later. So who knows, camping could go well for you guys :)
  • @fishee333 Thank you!  That was super helpful!  Glad you guys had a great time, despite the rough sleep!
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