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  • @kitandcat omg that sucks. I hate when people knowingly bring sick kiddos or germs around me and my family. Also, I gave up at 11 weeks and just started dressing the blump because I'd rather look pregnant than fat. Ha. Maternity clothes are in full force here. GL on the reading!
  • 1. Nausea had been slooowly easing up the last week, and then today it was back full force. WHY BODY.
    2. Still haven't gotten a donut. Might do it as a treat after my Thurs OB appt.
    3. I want to be excited for this work trip to Germany, but right now I'm just upset that I'm losing out on a 3-day weekend with MW, since we only get to really spend time together on weekends.
    4. I'm putting too much thought into silly non-problems right now, like breaking the news that I'm having a girl to my ballet-teaching friend with two boys (who she loves, but who aren't super interested in wearing tutus xD)
    5. What I should be figuring out is more important stuff like how to have a working cell phone in Germany for two weeks. Buuut meh. Rentals apparently exist.
    6. Today I finally almost cried at work over nothing. I managed to not, but it was annoyingly close.
    7. I haven't been able to stomach cooking for almost a month now. Been living on frozen meals and delivery mostly. But at least I am eating food.
    8. I am honestly proud of myself for not taking a sick day at all since getting pregnant. I have been sorely tempted a few times, but only because I wanted to sleep another few hours.
    9. I collect and customize Monster High dolls, though I've gotten less interested since the reboot and new sculpts.
    10. I will never admit to anyone exactly how many times I've had ice cream for breakfast since getting pregnant.
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  • 1. If I am half the mother my mom is, I will be okay and so will this baby!
    2. We announced it to social media last night and I feel so relieved!
    3. I'm eating these really healthy cookies and now I wish I had milk.
    4. I am over snacking. I am ready to eat full meals again.
    5. I do not want to go to the DMV on my lunch today...
    6. Tomorrow is my mom's bday. I can't wait to celebrate with her and my family.
    7. Anyone else excited for Labor Day???? The holiday, not us actually going into labor.
    8. I now love wearing lipstick. Why haven't I tried this before!?
    9. Seriously, so ready for football that's not pre-season!
    10. I just realized I do have milk in the fridge here at work. COOKIES AND MILK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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