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Weekly appointments 8/21

What does everyone have going on this week?
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Re: Weekly appointments 8/21

  • @megpeg so glad to hear everything went well today!!!

    i have an ultrasound on Friday, hoping to see my little babe jumping around and a much smaller or nonexistent cyst that they found on my left ovary at the first ultrasound a few weeks ago. 
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    Still can't wait for my first ultrasound on 8/30! This week is just a prenatal class at the clinic. But if we do all twelve we get a free car seat! 
  • I have an appointment with the MFM specialist again tomorrow to go over nutritional counseling and likely adjust my insulin dosage.  This will be my 4th appointment so far so I'm getting lots of little peeks at Peanut... I guess that's the silver lining to having diabetes in this pregnancy. :smile:
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  • I have my 12 week appointment on Friday! Get to hear the little one's heartbeat, plus a pelvic exam. And they'll schedule my NT scan - I'm hoping they'll have an opening the same day, I'm dying for another peek to see how baby's growing. 
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  • 12 week visit on Wednesday. My OB doesn't do the NT ultrasound in her office, so I actually have that scheduled for the following Wednesday. But she said that we will still get to see baby at my appointment this week :) idk why but I guess she wants to take another look too, even though we had an ultrasound at 8 weeks 
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    First official OB appointment is this Thursday!!!! I'll be 9+3 that day. So excited/nervous/scared. I've had one ultrasound already at 7+2 and all was good. But PGAL brain sucks. Ready to see a strong heartbeat again for some reassurance. 
  • I have my 10 week appointment on Friday, but I've been having some cramping and bleeding so they are having me come in tomorrow to locate a heartbeat and see if I need an ultrasound.
  • I have my 10 week appointment on Friday, but I've been having some cramping and bleeding so they are having me come in tomorrow to locate a heartbeat and see if I need an ultrasound.
    I hope all is well.
  • @HappyMonkey817 Thank you. It's really freaking me out.
  • They took some blood to check for routine stuff, but are also checking my thyroid. My hair has been falling out, so we're trying to figure out why.
    I hope that you get some answers soon! 
  • I have my 11 week appointment with my OB Thursday.  They'll do the NIPT then.  I will get the Panorama done.  Next week starts the appointments leading up to the cerclage being put in two weeks from today.
  • Yay for great appointments! I hope everyone else's are just as awesome! ❤

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  • I have my second appointment this Friday, I'll be 11.5 weeks. I asked if I would be getting another ultrasound and they said no, I won't get another one until 20 weeks.  :'( The receptionist said they will be taking measurements of my stomach and listening for "fetal heart tones." I should also be getting some bloodwork done for NIPT to check for abnormalities and it will also out the sex. They are offering for a total OOP cost of $99 so I'm all for it. I thought I would feel so much better after my initial ultrasound a month ago but now I am freaking out about this upcoming appointment. I've been feeling better this week and it scares me. I told my husband not to come to the appointment since we aren't getting an ultrasound and it's mostly bloodwork. 
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  • Had my slightly early 12 wk today, mostly just doppler to check the heartbeat. All good, and the baby audibly kicked after we got her heartbeat measured.That is a strange sound on doppler xD
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  • @justkeeptrying We are at exactly the same gestation! How cool!

    i just had my first appointment yesterday and was surprised to hear that they can tell from my blood work what sex the baby will be.. that's crazy! I'm super excited now!
  • Had my 10 week/prenatal workup today! Ugh I know that they didn't *actually* take that much blood for the genetic testing, etc but MAN I hate needles and it felt like a lot. I also spaced and forgot to ask how long it'll take to get our NIPT results back (mainly to know the sex!) and when I checked the website of the test they use (Progenity/Innatal) it said TWO WEEKS! Ugh I had set myself for only a week. 
  • I had my first midwifery appt on Saturday (10wks) and I heard the strong, glorious heartbeat (160) for the first time!!!! (I have the whole thing on video, lol.) I am content now. Next ultrasound is 20 weeks (a whole 10 weeks from now) BUT as long as I get to hear the heartbeat at each visit, I'm cool.
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  • Had my second midwife appt yesterday. Got to hear the heartbeat and my sweet son was amazed. He played midwife by having me sit back, lifted my shirt and ran the Doppler over my belly. 

    Best appt ever!  <3
  • I had my pre-surgery appointment with my MFM today for my cerclage.  The baby is developing nicely, which is always a relief.  He said the NT measurements are normal and a nasal bone is present.  The baby also measured a few days a head.  He also made a prediction (80 to 90% sure) that the baby is a GIRL!  I can't believe it and how wrong I was based off of symptoms.  My daughter was very different from my boy pregnancies and this one is more similar to theirs.  I am much more tired and sick this time around, but my hcg was quadrupling, so I expected to be sicker.  I am very excited that we should be welcoming another girl, but won't be buying anything girly until my panorama comes back confirming the sex.
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    Had my 10 week appt yesterday. Didn't get to see or hear the baby, and my doc made a comment that they wouldn't try to doppler the HB because it's too early and we wouldn't hear anything. Little does he know I've been dopplering it for the last 2 weeks at home and it's been very easy to find the last week! :# All went well though and did some general blood work that I'm not expecting anything crazy from. We did decide we wouldn't do the NIPT(didn't really give me the option to since do not technically qualify) or the NT scan. We'll be doing the quad screen in second trimester along with anatomy scan.
  • @npkat sneaky sneaky....and I LOVE IT lol
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