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Solar Eclipse

Hi Everyone,

Who's watching the solar eclipse today?

Have you heard of any of the superstitions around pregnant women staying indoors?

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Re: Solar Eclipse

  • I live in Mexico and this is a commom superstition..
    ive heard its all myths...but i wont be out during eclipse im on vacation and resting today!! 
  • I'm planning on staying indoors but I wonder if there will be a mass exodus from my building when it happens. I may be an outlier, I just don't care about the eclipse at all.
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  • Not interested in the eclipse! Didn't get glasses, and not making one out of cardboard. Bet these glasses won't work, either :)

  • It's raining and extremely cloudy here right now, so I'll be missing it.
  • I have to run errands and husband is worried that all the wackos will be out... :s I'm sure it will be fine, but his worry is freaking me out! I cant help but think of the purge movies thanks to him... 

    DD angel baby 10/16 <3
    Rainbow Due 02/20/18

  • I wouldn't look at the sun on a normal day and don't plan to today. We are staying inside bc I know one of my kids would be the one to go blind. 
  • mayapple44mayapple44 member
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    @fishyfishfish234 I love your excitement about it!!! Im not at all interested in it and have no idea why, but science is fun and these events should be celebrated. Maybe next time I will be on board   ;)
  • @fishyfishfish234 how did you score glasses?? So jealous, everywhere within 20 miles of me has been sold out for many weeks.  I'm going to make a cereal box thing soon and will try that. NASA is streaming it live on their FB page too.  I love anything to do with astronomy. 
  • I teach so our school has a bunch of glasses for the kids to go out and see it in groups (though they made us come in late and stay late today for the whole thing....) I did get to go see the early bit of it a few minutes ago and it was pretty cool! I doubt I'll be able to go out during the peak time though since I'll have a class.
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  • I'll go out to see it bc I happened to get a free pair of glasses otherwise I probably wouldn't of gone. It's only about 70% by me
  • We are in the path of totality-- school was cancelled for "increased insurance risk".  I put DS down for a nap and hung out with DH and some guys that work for him.  We had a little eclipse gathering--grilled, sun chips, moon pies, and brownies (not the theme, but I am pregnant and wanted them).  I wasn't super excited about it--but it was hilarious to see these guys in their mid 20's and 30's freaking out over how cool it was.  It was neat--but I am not someone that would be an "eclipse chaser" by any means! 
  • I'm in the "don't really care" care camp too. :/ It's crazy how many people are freaking out about it! I think it's over here. Facebook/Instagram are littered with poor quality photos of it. I think it's cool in general for astronomy and such, but I'm not that interested in astronomy and not any more so today vs. other days. And ditto to I don't look at the sun other days, wasn't planning to today either.
  • I liked the opportunity to see something like that.
    I was at work at the time and one of our customers brought in a welders mask and let us all use it so we could see the eclipse. Was pretty neat to see.
    I wasn't gunho about it by any means but i love seeing stuff like that that you wouldn't get to see on an everyday basis.
  • farmrosefarmrose member
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    We live where it was 100% but at the time there was a huge cloud covering the sun. Kinda disappointing. We saw it right before totality. It got really dark outside so it was a cool experience. But if it didn't happen where I live...I wouldn't have cared a lick honestly.
  • I went to an eclipse party and it was fun! Had glasses and lunch and was with lots of friends. It was fun, but now I feel kind of sick from being out in the heat. 
  • We don't live in the path of totality, but I still had my glasses and pretty much my whole office was outside watching it.  I thought it was pretty cool and definitely worth seeing.
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  • I don't care much about it either. But it's nice to finally hear about something in the news and on social media that isn't hatred/politically charged/depressing! 
  • So I was one of the super excited eclipse nerds. DH and I planned our trip to the path of totality before I even knew I was pregnant. We drove 5 hours and spent the wknd in St. Louis. It was so amazing and the weather was perfect for viewing (just HOT whew). Seeing the sun's coronas was beautiful. Of course a few weeks before the trip I start hearing about these pregnancy/eclipse superstitions. I am not a very superstitious person at all but I ended up wearing red underwear and a metal safety pin 'just in case' lol. 
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