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Appointment too late?

My obgyn can't get me in for my first appointment til I am 18 weeks is that too late should I try and get a different doctor? 

Re: Appointment too late?

  • I personally would find a different doctor. There are screenings and things that should be done in the first trimester. Most doctors will see you for your first appointment no later than 12 weeks. Good luck!
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  • You'd normally have 2 appointments by then if you were on a standard schedule, so I'd encourage you to go elsewhere. It's interesting to me that they didn't recommend you go with a different doctor. Are you trying to be with a specific OB? If so, make your 12 and 16 week appointments with someone else until you can get in for the 20 with your preferred OB.
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  • That doesn't seem right as most like to at least to abb NT scan and early lab work. I agree, find a different practice. 
  • Agree with everyone. I would find another doctor. Usually you'll have two appointments by 12 weeks. My doc couldn't get me in until 13 weeks and I switched locations and was seen at 8 weeks. It was just too long for me to go without hearing the heartbeat and seeing the baby, especially because DH really cant get in baby-zone until a doc tells him it's official LOL 
  • The latest most places will make their first appointment is 12 weeks. 18 weeks is way too late
  • Absolutely find another Dr. There are important tests you can have done in the 1st trimester. 

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