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Boy name help please!

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We have a Benjamin already. Thank you!

Boy name help please! 76 votes

14% 11 votes
6% 5 votes
78% 60 votes
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Re: Boy name help please!

  • I like Harry but can't picture Harold on a child.  Voted for Henry which I love but it is very popular. 
  • Voted for Henry. I would consider Harold if the nickname would be Hal; agree with PP that I wouldn't want it shortened to Harry. Other two names aren't classic like Benjamin (which I love!) Final two names for my second son were Benjamin and Samuel, but went with Samuel
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  • I have a Henry and we were also considering Benjamin- I think they make a great sibset
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  • I prefer Henry. Harold would be my 2nd choice. Carlin is NMS and Brandt feels like a random surname. It's also the surname of a former chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany (Willy Brandt), don't know if that matters to you.
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  • I voted for Henry, Harold would be my second choice. I don't care for the other two at all.

    Suggesting Howard/Howie and Harlan.
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