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SI Joint Pain

Hi mommies, anyone else dealing with SI Joint pain? It's gotten so bad I can't even walk. I started physiotherapy and prenatal massage but past 2 nights I can't even walk after 6 pm. Anyone else experiencing the same and can offer tips?

Re: SI Joint Pain

  • Had it with my first pregnancy; PT is very helpful but not quick. I found wearing the Serola SI belt to be helpful too. Check with your PT - it may be covered by your insurance if they recommend it, or they may have a different support belt to recommend. Weirdly, mine was the worst in early and late pregnancy; was okay from weeks about 17-34. Hopefully yours is the same
  • Thanks @jessilee15. I'll ask about the belt. I did find it was bad during the early and late part of my pregnancy as well but this time it's just worse. 
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  • No advice but I'm sorry you're going through that! Feel better soon 

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  • Thanks @seitzy3 it is a horrible pain and I hope to be relieved of it soon. 
  • Yes! I have been having SI pain, mostly on the left, as well! The only thing that has helped is massaging the area and not sitting for long periods of time. I hope you can get some relief from yours soon! Good luck! 
  • I have horrible pain mostly on my left.  It started late pregnancy with DS1, mid with DS2 and now almost from the start with DS3.  I ordered this brace from Amazon and it has been a life saver.  I'm on my feet all day at work and when I get home I was useless, now I can at least function.  I don't use the jock strap part all the time. 

    It's You Babe Hip Brace/V2 Supporter Combo, Small (32" - 40" Hip Size) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000I5UAUC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apip_fVuQ39P3EzH77
  • @jenniferjoy37 @hms1219 mine is on my right side. Today I rested for most of my day and then got up around 4 pm and I have felt a bit of relief. I see my massage therapist tomorrow so im hoping it brings some relief to me for the upcoming week. Taking care of DS is so hard while i have this pain. 
  • Below is a link to a bunch of videos from my PTs office. Look at the SI Correction parts 1,2,3. I do these every single morning. I had SI joint dysfunction before getting preg due to running and sitting at a desk and not doing any other exercise/strength training. Super tight hamstrings + weak core and hips = hip problems apparently. I started doing barre classes once a week and it has helped a lot. I still have piriformis muscle spasm in my left butt cheek esp when I sit in the car but it's way better. I haven't been to my PT since getting preg so ask your PTs, chiros, etc about this stuff. Good luck!
  • I had this from month 7 on last time, diagnosed with SPD. Worst pain ever and finally went away 6 weeks after the baby was born. I ended up getting sciatica pain then and could barely walk. Went to PT and learned some great stretches. I'm 14 weeks prego now and the pain is already back. I'm going to a chiro tomorrow based on recommendations from friends. It's way too early for me to be dealing with this. 
  • I had it with DD2. A belt like recommended above helped tremendously. 
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  • I got the belt and it has helped tremendously today!! I wish I could sleep with it on lol! Finally able to walk without feeling that shooting pain every second. @seltzerinstead thanks for the exercises, I'll definitely be doing them!! 
  • I've just been diagnosed with this by my physio, I probably had it last pregnancy also, far out, it's no fun! Mine is in the right side. It may help you to know that last pregnancy it disappeared as soon as Bub was born. My physio also suggested orthodics for my shoes as it can help align the hips as well as a belt. 
  • I also just got diagnosed with it. She said she didn't usually see it this bad until women are in the 30w zone. Sigh. I see her every 3 days now for a couple weeks so hopefully that will help. It's all on the left side and by the end of the day I can barely walk 
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  • I also just got diagnosed with it. She said she didn't usually see it this bad until women are in the 30w zone. Sigh. I see her every 3 days now for a couple weeks so hopefully that will help. It's all on the left side and by the end of the day I can barely walk 
    Im the same walking seems to be one of the worst activities... I'm not sure how I'm going to try to keep fit/active.... 
  • I am getting much better after going to physio and massage 2 times a week. The stretches help at home that I've been taught and it was recommended to me by my PT to do some prenatal yoga. Today was more rough cause I think I over-did it with cleaning and not enough resting. Just have to take it easy and move very slowly when it gets bad.
  • I also want to add that the belt and pregnancy shorts that my physio gave me seem to be making a huge difference!!!! Go to your physio if haven't already ladies- they can help you! 
  • I agree the physio really helped me. Had my last appt for now yesterday and if I need it later on in my pregnancy I can go back. Prenatal yoga may also help after physio since it combines the same stretches. 
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