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Sharing The News With The Kids

Im now about 9 weeks along. We are so happy to be pregnant again despite how sick I am this time around. But I'd be lying if I said I weren't feeling a bit apprehensive. I'm so nervous to tell our 5 year old son that we're expecting a new baby. I honestly don't know how he'll react. We've discussed the idea of having a new brother or sister with him prepregnancy and he wasn't the biggest fan of the idea. He struggles with change and a bit of anxiety. Since beginning the topic he's gone back and forth with positive and negative thoughts on the subject. 
Id like to present this to him in the most positive and upbeat way. 
Has anyone dealt with a situation where the new big sibling wasn't thrilled with the news? How did you handle this throughout pregnancy and how did you prepare them for baby's arrival?

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    UPDATE: shared the news with DS. He burst into tears and for a short time it was the worst day of his life. But we also got a bribe from baby and it quickly went from the worst day to the best day of his life. It continues to go well and while I'm sure we'll have more moments of insecurity and fear in the future there is hope for anyone afraid to spill the beans. 
  • I literally came running out the bathroom yelling 'I'm pregggnnnaannnttt!!!' Infront of my 5 and 7 year old (and partner). This one is the third unplanned baby. The kids  have managed to keep a secret so far. My son wasn't thrilled about his baby sister but he had to deal with it. As long as you keep him involved if he wants to. And don't force him if he doesn't want to help. That's the only advice I can give really. Good luck!
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