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For the past three weeks Evelyn has been an absolute nightmare at bedtime. She's almost 19 months. She sleeps fine through the night but throws a gigantic fit every single night about going to bed. Screams cries and flails in our arms to not get in her crib. And then screams herself to sleep. We did sleep training at about 6 months and have had to revisit it a few times but nothing like this. I have no idea if it's her daily schedule, if it's our bedtime routine or what but my husband and I are absolutely exhausted emotionally from it. Anyone have any advice?

Re: Bedtime Help

  • Is her room really dark? I found my daughter was like that a few months ago and a nightlight helped. Or maybe bedtime is abit late and shes overtired? Sometimes even 20-30 minutes makes a difference. I hope it doesnt last long for you!
  • Could it be separation anxiety? Gina does this at times and I narrowed it down to her just not wanting to go to sleep lol. Sorry, not much help. They go through so many different phases it's hard to keep up with! Hang in there, it'll pass.
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  • Can't help. We are back to rocking to sleep, and moving her to my bed halfway through the night. It's just the two of us, and I have to work in the morning, so I gotta do what I can just to survive.
  • I second the night light!  We had a few random nights of resistance to bedtime and middle of the night wakes for seemly no reason and haven't had one since we got the night light.  And also find the over-tiredness makes for a rougher bedtime.  I hope you figure it out soon!    
  • Exact same thing for us!!! We changed absolutely nothing about our bedtime routine and all of a sudden it started to be a battle about a few weeks ago. She'd fight it for up to an hour on some nights before going to sleep. The only thing I've figured out is that she just wants to stay up and be with Mom and Dad lol. So all I've been doing is closing the door, letting her be, and distracting myself (cook dinner, turn on a TV show loud, etc) to keep myself calm and check the monitor every now and then. If it's been 30 minutes and she's still protesting, I check on her because every now and then she poops and needs a change. 
    Anyway, good luck! I do have to say, the last few days she has only protested for a few minutes now.... So hopefully it's just another phase. 
  •  I'm of no help. Sorry :(
    My kiddo still doesn't sleep... we have to give her medication, rock her to sleep, and we're lucky to get 4-6 hours in a 24 hour period (which, sad to say, is a drastic improvement). She's been waking up in a total panic about incidents happening earlier in the day (ex: daddy leaving for work, fighting over a book with her brother, mommy saying no to her shiny shoes, beefing help with a marker cap, etc). I'm tired. Permanently. 
  • I feel bad even complaining about sleep after @BarrettJ89 I have been reading your struggles from the start, I hope one day soon you and that sweet girl get some sleep (she sure is cute though) 

    we have been having the same kind of issues though, waking up hours early every morning screaming, night wake ups screaming, fighting bedtime by either crying or standing in there yelling mama mama mama. This has been going on for 3 weeks now. There is an 18 month sleep regression that I was reading about that describes my struggles exactly so I think that's what is going on over here. Just trying to wait it out and not create any new bad bedtime habits but it's getting hard going on a week 4 of this. I'm also 35 weeks pregnant with #2 soooo if he could go back to sleeping soon that would be great lol 
  • Oh man @kaym6!  You must be exhausted! (And you too @BarrettJ89... I can't even imagine). A month or two into my second pregnancy I really cracked down on the nighttime wakeups because I just couldn't handle dealing with them while pregnant. Reading all of these posts I'm so thankful we didn't have an 18-month regression here because DS2 was born at exactly 18 months and I don't know what I would have done with a newborn and a waking toddler... I hope your LO gets back in the swing of things soon and that you get some much needed rest before the new baby arrives. 
  • I think we're dealing with the 18 month regression as well.  Naps have been half as long and usually don't happen without a lot of crying first.  Bedtime is usually over an hour before he falls asleep and he hasn't slept through the night in at least two weeks.  Hopefully we go back to normal soon
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