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Metformin Question

Hey everyone!

So I have PCOS, and we went through a few rounds of Clomid, Femara, and Injectables with no success. I decided to take a break and of course from December 2016 until I started taking Metformin I had no natural period. (A little back story, my sister was taking 1000mg of Met and Femara and my beautiful Nephew was conceived) Because of my sister taking Met, she said it helped with alot of things so I started taking it in May on 2017.

My question is, has anyone taking it had an decrease in times between cycles. For the last few periods I have had, they have been about 3 weeks apart exactly. I'm not complaining because having a natural period is foreign to me... but I was hoping that it would be a regular 4 week cycle. Does it eventually mellow out?

I am taking 1000 mg (so 2 pills) at night to help with the side effects. Although, being on it for 3 months I have very few side effects lately. Any thoughts or knowledge on this would be helpful!

Thank you!!!!

Re: Metformin Question

  • I take 2000mg a day and my periods come about every 30 days. For awhile they were like 25 days. It should even out. Try b12 and b6 I took that and it helped me. Gl with your journey.
  • That is awesome to hear! I searched the internet and there are alot of ladies who saw a delay but not a shortening in their cycles.
    I am taking prenatals but I will add the b12 and b6 if they do not already have that.
    Thank you!
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  • You are very welcome
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