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Not excited to announce first pregnancy

Hi! I'm about 8 weeks pregnant right now and couldn't be happier about this pregnancy! Aside from a couple of close friends, my husband and I haven't told anyone. I've really enjoyed this experience of just us knowing and dreaming about what is to come. At first, I felt like week 12 couldn't come fast enough, so that I could tell everyone. Now, I'm dreading it. I think I'm afraid of friendships changing, or about families being especially critical (which both of our moms tend to be). Is it normal not to be excited to tell everyone? 

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  • I was very excited to tell certain people and hated telling others. My MIL I was so excited to tell! She was so happy and so excited for us and has been a great support, if a little...overbearing. My mom on the other hand? Not so much. I knew she would be overly critical of every choice we make for our baby-and she has been. It's a nightmare. And honestly it really spoiled my desire to tell other people for a minute. And yes, some of my friendships have changed in the few days since I've announced. But I don't see it as a totally bad thing. Announce when you are comfortable and know that there is no "right" way to feel about it. 
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  • Announcement time is severely personal to the couple walking through the journey. There is no correct or incorrect time to tell. My husband and I chose to forego the "wait until week 12" to announce theory, but rather tell our families immediately and our close friends, who've helped pray with us and encourage is throughout the TTC journey. All (except my MIL) have been very very excitedI had to announce to my co-workers as I work in a very small area and it became super obvious I was "pregnant" with all my symptoms I was dealing with... but even that has been a blessing, as my co-workers have been terrific to support me & help me when needed. 
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  • My husband has told a few people in his family and I've told my mom and grandmother, but otherwise I have chosen to keep this pregnancy to myself. I'm not announcing at all. 
  • I think we will tell some people at month three and that's it. Not "announce" at all
  • All feelings around pregnancy and announcing vary from person to person. There is no “right” feeling :) having a baby is life changing and yes friendships may change but sometime that cange is for the better. Hang in there and let yourself feel whatever it is without guilt 
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  • I am totally feeling you!!  I'm DREADING telling people!  I know some family (aka, my mother) are going to be insanely critical and judgy, and I've honestly been thinking about since we entered the tww.  But, I've decided that I'm not going to let anyone rain on my freaking parade, and you shouldn't either!!   :)  We are growing tiny little humans!!  Enjoy it and try to let any negativity roll right off of your back!  
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