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Is an expensive daycare worth it?

I am in desperate need of advice!

We currently have a SAHM watching out 8 month old. And for SO MANY reasons that i don't want to get into right now, we need to switch providers. ASAP. Previous to this we only considered an in home daycare or an experienced SAHM. Mainly because I didn't want to expose her to a ton of kids and their  germs. 

I am now considering a Montessori or "school" type of daycare center. I am definitely not interested in your Kindercare or New Horizons types of places.

I pay 250/week to our SAHM watching our daughter now. I live in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and that is pretty properly priced for an in home daycare or a SAHM mom situation based on our location. There are several Montessori type schools nearby that I am potentially interested in that are between 260 and 325 a week that I am considering. But what I really want to send her to is one of the Primrose schools or one of the Gardner schools (Gardner is new to the area as of this fall) which are both about 365-385 a week for infants. I have done as much research as I can online and on their websites and from what I can see so far, I am loving them. But here is my question: Is paying for such an expensive school/daycare worth it for an 8 month old? Am I better off finding a Montessori for the mean time and moving her to that type of a school later? Or is it totally worth it? This would be really pushing our budget but we really want the best for our daughter so if it is worth it, we can make it happen.

Any advice is welcomed. Bonus points if you are familiar with these schools in particular. If you live in MN- this would be for the south metro area.


Re: Is an expensive daycare worth it?

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