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Compatible Bottles to Spectra S1/2?

I am looking at getting the Spectra this time around (still deciding between S2 or S1).  Last time I used the Hygeia pump with Munchkin latch bottles using both adapters.  Does anyone know if those bottles will work with the Spectra?  I can't seem to find anything conclusive online!  If you do pump straight into bottles, but not the Latch ones, what works for you?

Re: Compatible Bottles to Spectra S1/2?

  • Spectra takes wide neck bottles. I have been using the Avent ones. Dr Brown and MAM are supposed to work, too. You can also get adapters for the regular neck bottles like the Medela, regular Dr Brown, and Tommy Tippee, as well as the Kindee system. 
  • I decided on the s2 because my insurance will cover the full cost as opposed to the $95 upgrade fee I would pay for the s1. The only difference is that the s1 has a rechargeable battery. It really just depends on how much you'll be pumping away from home. I'm planning on using the Avent bottles which you can pump directly into, from what I've been told.
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  • The event bottles work AMAZING with the spectra 2! If you are planning on being away (in a car) Amazon sells a car charger for spectra 2 for $10. 
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